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Fundamentals of Functional Analysis

Fundamentals of Functional Analysis

S. S. Kutateladze

A concise guide to basic sections of modern functional analysis. Included are such topics as the principles of Banach and Hilbert spaces, the theory of multinormed and uniform spaces, the Riesz-Dunford holomorphic functional calculus, the Fredholm index theory, convex analysis and duality theory for locally convex spaces with applications to the Schwartz spaces of distributions and Radon measures.

Table of Contents

Preface to the English Translation
Preface to the First Russian Edition
Chapter 1. An Excursus into Set Theory
Chapter 2. Vector Spaces
Chapter 3. Convex Analysis
Chapter 4. An Excursus into Metric Spaces
Chapter 5. Multinormed and Banach Spaces
Chapter 6. Hilbert Spaces
Chapter 7.Principles of Banach Spaces
Chapter 8. Operators in Banach Spaces
Chapter 9. An Excursus into General Topology
Chapter 10. Duality and Its Applications
Chapter 11. Banach Algebras
Notation Index
Subject Index


Kutateladze, S.S.
Fundamentals of Functional Analysis.
4th corrected edition (Russian)

ISBN 5861341036

© S. S. Kutateladze, 2001
© Institut Matematiki Im. S. L. Soboleva Sibirskogo Otdeleniya RAN, 2001

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