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Russian→English in Writing. Advice to the Occasional Translator

Russian - English in Writing:

Advice to the Occasional Translator

S. S. Kutateladze

This book treats the problem of translating scientific and particularly mathematical texts. The observations and recommendations below are primarily intended to those who learned English as a second language and reached the stage of attempting to translate (another) research article from Russian into English.

Table of Contents

1. Whom Does This Book Address?
2. Articles to Translate
3. Your Main Task Is to Convey a Message
4. Matter Is Primary
5. Keep in Mind the Halmos Rules
6. How to Work on Translation?
7. Remember that English Differs from Russian
8. You Need a Good Dictionary and Template
9. An English Grammar Book Is Good for You
10. Away with Rigmarole
11. Skipping Is a Smart Translation Technique
12. Avoid Rare Words and Sophisticated Grammar Tricks
13. Never Invent Collocations
14. Distinquish Between `British English' and ``American English''
15. Obey the Classification of Nouns
16. Un, In, or Non?
17. You Have the Alternative: Lemmas or Lemmata
18. Don't Forget Articles and Other Determiners
19. Front or Back?
20. Choose Tenses Properly
21. The Structural Classification of Verbs Will Be Helpful
22. There Are Reasons for Avoiding Continuous Tenses
23. Beware of the Passive
24. How to Make a Gerund-For-Yourself into a Gerund-Per-Se?
25. Your Circumstances Deserve Attention
26. ``There Are'' Secrets
27. Care for Compound Sentences
28. If You Meet `If...Then'
29. Most English Texts with Russian Punctuation Are Ugly
30. Riddles of Complementation
31. Use the Recommendations of Gould
32. Think Over the Hints of Higham
33. You Can Do It
Appendix 1. Name List
Appendix 2. Mottoes, Dicta, and Clichés
Appendix 3. Miscellany
Appendix 4. Verb Patterns
Appendix 5. Difficulties in Complementing


Kutateladze, S.S.
Russian - English in writing. Advice to the occasional translator.
4th revised and expanded ed. (Russian)

ISBN 5-86134-084-6

© S. S. Kutateladze, 2000
© Institut Matematiki Im. S. L. Soboleva Sibirskogo Otdeleniya RAN, 2000

Electronic version published on: 7 Oct 2003.
© 2003 ELibM and FIZ Karlsruhe / Zentralblatt MATH for the EMIS Electronic Edition