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by Klaus Truemper <>

Revised edition © 1998,2009 Klaus Truemper
Paper version originally published 1992 by Academic Press, Boston (USA)
Revised edition published 1998 by Leibniz, Plano, Texas (USA)
ISBN 0-9663554-0-7 for the revised paper edition
The electronic edition available here was again revised in 2009. The revisions made in the electronic version concern Chapters 7 and 10 of the 1998 edition.

Abstract: Matroids were first defined in 1935 as an abstract generalization of graphs and matrices. In the subsequent two decades, comparatively few results were obtained. But starting in the mid-1950s, progress was made at an ever-increasing pace.

As this book is being written, a large collection of deep matroid theorems already exists. These results have been used to solve difficult problems in diverse fields such as civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering, computer science, and mathematics.


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