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Proceedings of the

5th International Conference on

Differential Geometry and Its Applications

Opava, Czechoslovakia
August 24-28, 1992


O. Kowalski and D. Krupka

Copyright © 1993 by Open Education & Sciences, Opava, Czech Republic
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Part I. Analysis and Topology on Manifolds

Part II. Differential Equations on Manifolds

Part III. Geodesic and Projective Mappings

Part IV. Geometric Methods in Physics

Part V. Natural Bundles and Natural Differential Operators

Part VI. Riemannian and K\"ahlerian Geometry

Part VII. The Calculus of Variations

List of participants

Hardcopies of the book are available from Open Education & Sciences, P.O. Box 84, 746 20 Opava, Czech Republic

Published by Silesian University Opava, Czech Republic in co-edition with Open Education & Sciences, Opava, Czech Republic.
ISBN 80-901581-0-2

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