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Mathematical Institute
Czech Academy of Sciences

Function Spaces,
Differential Operators
and Nonlinear Analysis


Paseky na Jizerou, September 3-9, 1995

Editor: J. Rákosník

ISBN 80-7196-027-6
Copyright © Prometheus Publishing House, Praha 1996
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Gérard Bourdaud, Winfried Sickel:
Homeomorphisms which act on Besov spaces

Viktor I. Burenkov, W. Desmond Evans:
On compact embeddings of Sobolev spaces and extension operators which preserve some smoothness

Niels Jacob, René L. Schilling:
Estimates for Feller semigroups generated by pseudodifferential operators

Vakhtang Kokilashvili:
New aspects in the weight theory and applications

Miroslav Krbec, Hans-Jürgen Schmeisser:
Extrapolation of reduced Sobolev imbeddings

Alois Kufner:
Hardy's inequality and related topics

Hans-Gerd Leopold:
Spectral invariance for pseudodifferential operators on function spaces

Olli Martio:
The Hardy-Littlewood maximal function and Sobolev spaces on a metric space

Juha Berkovits and Vesa Mustonen:
On systems of telegraph equations

Carlos Pérez:
Banach function spaces and the two-weight problem for maximal functions

Winfried Sickel:
Composition operators acting on Sobolev spaces of fractional order---a survey on sufficient and necessary conditions

Galina S. Balashova:
Sobolev spaces of infinite order with rapidly decreasing

Alberto de la Torre:
On the adjoint of the maximal function

Ji Gao:
Normal structure and modulus of $\boldkey U$-convexity in Banach spaces

Amiran Gogatishvili:
Weighted inequalities for one-sided maximal function in Orlicz classes

Dorothee Haroske:
Entropy numbers in weighted function spaces and applications

Desmond J. Harris:
On the approximation numbers of Hardy-type operators

Nikolai K. Karapetyants:
On an isomorphism between generalized Hölder spaces implemented by the fractional integration operator

Andriy A. Kondratyuk, Svyatoslav I. Tarasyuk:
Compact operators and normal families

Ondrej Ková\v{c}ik:
Integrable majorant of the partial sums for multiple Haar series

Mircea Malarski:
Regularity properties of the solution to the wave equation in Besov spaces with $p<1$

Klaus Pflüger:
A semilinear elliptic problem in an unbounded domain

Thomas Runst:
Boundary value problems with composition-type non-linearities in generalized Sobolev spaces

Myroslav M. Sheremeta:
On analytic continuation of power series with the condition on their Gelfond-Leontev derivatives

Thomas Schott:
Function spaces of Lizorkin-Triebel type with exponential weights

Verdi G. Verdiev:
On one problem of C. Davis

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