Nonlinear analysis, function spaces and applications

Vol. 6, 1999 · Contents


Viktor I. Burenkov:
Extension theory for Sobolev spaces on open sets with Lipschitz boundaries

Andrea Cianchi:
Some results in the theory of Orlicz spaces and applications to variational problems

Fernando Cobos:
Interpolation theory and measures related to operator ideals

Vladimir Maz'ya:
On Wiener's type regularity of a boundary point for higher order elliptic equations

Lubos Pick:
Optimal Sobolev embeddings

Hans Triebel:
Quarks, fractals, non-linearities, and related elliptic operators

Igor E. Verbitsky:
Superlinear equations, potential theory and weighted norm inequalities

William P. Ziemer:
Functions of least gradient and BV functions

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