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Computational Methods for Engineering Applications II

Please note that this page is for the Autumn Semester 2015, hence old.
Check in the VVZ under the "Learning materials"-tab for the current one.

Lecturer: Siddhartha Mishra

Substitute lecturer: Andreas Hiltebrand


Lecture hours: Tuesday, 15-17, HG F 7.

Exercise classes: Thursday, 10-12.

Presence hours: Tuesday, h. 17-18, room HG D 5.3.


No lecture and no exercise classes the first week of the semester.

Lecture notes (handwritten)

The lecture notes are uploaded here. For now, the lecture notes are hand written, there will be a computerized version available soon.

Lecture notes (computer version)


Bonus points: from the second assignment on, some of the problems contained in the assignments will be marked as Core problems. Each assignment will contribute with approximatively 4 points, over a total of 20 points for the overall bonus. The core problems will be corrected and full mark for the total of them will give a 20% bonus of the total points in the final exam. This is really a bonus, which means that at the exam you can still get the highest grade without having the bonus points (of course then you need to score more points at the exam).

Correction of coding tasks : only codes that compile will be corrected by the assistants.

Problem sheet
Template code
Due date
Sample solution
Series 0 Warmup, no hand in
Solution 0,
Series 1 October 13 (h. 24:00) Solution 1,
Series 2 November 3 (h.24:00) Solution 2,
Series 3 November 17 (h.24:00) Solution 3,
Series 4
December 11 (h.24:00) Solution 4,
Series 5
December 16 (h. 24:00) Solution 5,

Tutorial classes

The tutorial classes take place on Thursdays 10 - 12. Please go to the tutorial class you are registered in.

Teaching assistant
Michel Breyer + Alessio Zanchettin
HG D 7.2
Carlo Del Don
HG E 22

Install instructions for setting up necessary software

For this course, you will need to have the following available:

Full install instructions are available.

Programming guides

Aims of the course

The course gives an introduction to the numerical methods for the solution of ordinary and partial differential equations that play a central role in engineering applications. Both basic theoretical concepts and implementation techniques necessary to understand and master the methods will be addressed.

Students should be able to:

Programming Language: C++.

Content of the course

See a more comprehensive list on the VVZ.

C++ links and references


The following references are not meant as course material, but as supplementary reading beyond the course lecture notes.


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