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since July 28, 1998

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Instructions for authors:

Articles submitted for publication should be written in English. The author(s) are asked to send a pdf file by e-mail to amuc@fmph.uniba.sk and typeset using LaTeX or AmSTeX only. In case there are several co-authors, one author for correspondence should be clearly indicated.

There are no submission charges.

Simple illustrations in the manuscript can be accepted (please keep their number at minimum; photographs can not be accepted). More complex figures must have an encapsulated postscript output. Pictures created by Metafont or Metapost are also acceptable.

In order to aid in dissemination, please include the following: Mathematics Subject Classification numbers, key words, author's e-mail address, and an abstract not longer than twelve lines. Since the abstract is going to be sent as an e-mail message, use words rather than symbols whenever possible.

AMUC encourages authors to prepare the final manuscript in LaTeX using the package amuc.cls, which is compatible with LaTeX2e. See the examples below:

LaTeX2e example file: TeX,    PDF,    PS.
LaTeX2e template file: TeX.

Prior to acceptance all manuscripts are peer reviewed. Sending the manuscript for publication in our journal is considered as the copyright transfer in case the manuscript will be accepted.

The author will obtain one set of proofs for correction after acceptance of the manuscript.

Manuscripts should be sent to the managing editor.

Acta Mathematica Universitatis Comenianae
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