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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2014 / Acta / 37




H. Kheiri, H. Ghafouri - Haar and Legendre wavelets collocation methods for the numerical solution of Schrodinger and wave equations
 E. Ilojide, T. G. Jaiyeola - Some normal congruences in quasigroups determined by linear-bivariate polynomials over the ring Zn
A. O. Isere, S. A. Akinleye, J. O. Adeniran - On Osborn loops of order 4N
L. Andrei - Differential subordination results using a generalized Salagean operator and Ruscheweyh operator
M. Zarebnia, M. Hoshyar - Solution of Bratu-type equation via Spline method
I. AlDawish, M. Darus, R. W. Ibrahim - Concavity of Ruscheweyh differential operator
K.R. Alhindi, M. Darus - New class of analytic functions associated with the generalized hypergeometric functions
N. Motahari, T. Roudbari - Prime BCK- submodules of BCK- modules
N. Gowrisankar, N. Rajesh - On upper and lower C-gamma-continuous multifunctions
N. T. Chung - Existence of solutions for nonlocal problems in Orlicz-Sobolev spaces via genus theory
P. Baliarsingh, S. Dutta - A class of new difference sequence spaces and their matrix transformations
A. El-Sayed Ahmed, A. Kamal - Q-type spaces and Compact composition operators
H. Rahimpoor, A. Ebadian, M. Eshaghi Gordji, A. Zohri - Some fixed point theorems on modular metric spaces
S. Rahrovi, A. Ebadian, S. Shams - Applications of the Roper-Suffridge extension operator to the ppirallike mappings of type beta
A. Soni, S. Kant - Some inclusion relations associated with Liu-Owa integral operator
M.J. Nikmehr, M. Deldar, H. Daneshmand - Linear Quasi-McCoy rings
R. M. El-Ashwah - Subordination results for certain subclass of analytic functions defined by salagean operator
M. K. Aouf and R. M. El-Ashwah - Note on some applications of Srivastava-Attiya operator to p-valent starlike functions. II
S. Sivaprasad Kumar, Virendra Kumar - On the Fekete-Szego inequality for certain class of analytic functions
Awni M. Abu-Saman - Iterative Method for Sharpening Matrix Inverses
Kuldip Raj and Sunil K. Sharma - Ideal convergent sequence spaces defined by Musielak-Orlicz function over N-normed spaces 
S. Jafari, N. Rajesh - On upper and lower slightly delta-beta-continuous multifunctions
T. Panigrahi - Sandwich-type theorems for multivalent meromorphic functions associated with certain transforms