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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2002 / Acta / 4




M. Acu, D. Blezu - A preserving property of the Alexander operator
D. Andrica, M. Piticari  - R-Sequences and applications
N. Breaz, D. Breaz  -Testing on the recurrence of coefficients in the linear regressional model
D. Breaz, N. Breaz - The starlikenes properties for integral operators
T. Cătinaş - Trivariate approximation operators on cube by parametric extensions
L. Căbulea, M. Todea - Generalizations of Durrmeyer type
E. Ceuca - Dual voltage in automotive and implications of electrical load with this voltage
M. Chiş - Evolutionary hierarchical clustering technique
C. Cobeli, A. Zaharescu -A questions on the distribution of points on a curve over a finite field
N. Crainic - Inferior and superior sets with respect to an arbitrary set S from   used in the multidimensional interpolation theory  
N. Crainic   - Ordering of some subsets from    used in the multidimensional interpolation theory
I. Florea, R. Zurgalău - Gams language in description of method of minimum total variation
C. Groşan, D. Dumitrescu - A comparison of multiobjective evolutionary algoritms
I. Ileană, R. Joldeş, E. Ceuca, I. A. Ileană - Optoelectronic neural networks. Optical interconnection of neurons by computer generated holograms (II)
R. Joldeş, I. Ileană, E. Ceuca, C. Rotar - Combinational logical circuits simulation using feed forward  neural networks
N. S. Mera, L. Elliot, D. B. Ingham - Comparison of a genetic algorithm and a gradient based  optimisation technique for the detection of subsurface inclusions
S. Mera, N. Mera - On the fundaental theorem of algebra. Proof based on topologym
I. M. Nichita, F. F. Nichita- Some problems on combinaltional logical circuits
M.Popa, I. Ileană, M. Achim, M. Kadar - Considerations on modelling air quality in a very polluted area, using artificial neural networks
M. Risteiu, GHE. Marc, D. Pasculescu - Distinguish elements on the Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator browser of dom stands for the control of the ASP, JSP, Java applets
T.N. Ursales, A. Ursales, I. S. Dumitrescu - The stability of some chemical systems established by AM1 semiempirical method
T.U. Ursales -Mathematical methods of calculation used in computational chemistry