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Annals of Mathematics, II. Series 149, No. 1 (1999)
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Annals of Mathematics
Vol. 149, No. 1, 1999 · Contents

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Zheng-Xu He:
Rigidity of infinite disk patterns

Nándor Simányi and Domokos Szász:
Hard ball systems are completely hyperbolic

Serge Alinhac:
Blowup of small data solutions for a quasilinear wave equation in two space dimensions

Bumsig Kim:
Quantum cohomology of flag manifolds $G/B$ and quantum Toda lattices

Ernst Heintze and Xiaobo Liu:
Homogeneity of infinite dimensional isoparametric submanifolds

Demetrios Christodoulou:
The instability of naked singularities in the gravitational collapse of a scalar field

Yoav Segev:
On finite homomorphic images of the multiplicative group of a division algebra

Seán Keel:
Basepoint freeness for nef and big line bundles in positive characteristic

Dorothee Schueth:
Continuous families of isospectral metrics on simply connected manifolds

Krzysztof Burdzy and Wendelin Werner:
A counterexample to the ``hot spots'' conjecture

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