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Annals of Mathematics (ISSN 0003-486X)
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Annals of Mathematics
II. Series

Volume 148 (1998): Volume 149 (1999): Volume 150 (1999): Volume 151 (2000): Volume 152 (2000): Volume 153 (2001):

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ISSN 0003-486X · EMIS Electronic Edition

Edited by:

Charles Fefferman, Princeton University

Phillip Griffiths, The Institute for Advanced Study

Robert MacPherson, The Institute for Advanced Study

John N. Mather, Princeton University

Peter Sarnak, Princeton University

Andrew Wiles, Princeton University

The Annals of Mathematics is published bimonthly with the cooperation of Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study. Founded in 1884 by Ormond Stone of the University of Virginia, the journal was transferred in 1899 to Harvard University, and in 1911 to Princeton University. Since 1933, the Annals has been edited jointly by Princeton University and The Institute for Advanced Study.

Access to the EMIS Electronic edition of this journal is free. The print version is available for subscription by the publisher, The Johns Hopkins University Press. For further information, see also the Annals of Mathematics Homepage.

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