Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 11 (2006), No. 1

Homagial volume dedicated
to the Romanian mathematician Radu Rosca

ISSN 1224-2780
[the electronic edition * PDF files]

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  1. Nicoleta Aldea
    A generalization of the holomorphic flag curvature of complex Finsler spaces,

    pages: 1-10. PDF

  2. Cornelia Livia Bejan and Vasile Oproiu
    Tangent bundles of quasi-constant holomorphic sectional curvatures,

    pages: 11-22. PDF

  3. Gabriel Bercu
    Pseudo-Riemannian structures with the same connection,

    pages: 23-38. PDF

  4. Martha Dussan and Martin Magid
    Complex timelike isothermic surfaces and their geometric transformations,

    pages: 39-53. PDF

  5. Ram Shankar Gupta, S.M.Khrusheed Haider and A.Sharfuddin
    Slant submanifolds with prescribed scalar curvature into cosymplectic space form,

    pages: 54-65. PDF

  6. Iulia Elena Hirica
    On subprojective transformations,

    pages: 66-72. PDF

  7. Dragos Hrimiuc and Liviu Popescu
    Nonlinear connections on dual Lie algebroids,

    pages: 73-80. PDF

  8. Satoshi Ikeda and Mihai Anastasiei
    Some modified connection structures associated with the Finslerian gravitational field,

    pages: 81-86. PDF

  9. Mircea Neagu and Constantin Udriste
    A Riemann-Lagrange geometrization for metrical Multi-Time Lagrange Spaces,

    pages: 87-98. PDF

  10. Liviu Nicolescu
    On a linear family of affine connections,

    pages: 99-103. PDF

  11. Ana-Maria Teleman
    Variational problems and crystallographic groups,

    pages: 104-107. PDF ZIPped PS file

  12. Kostake Teleman
    On the spinorial representations of SO(4,4),

    pages: 108-120. PDF

  13. Adriana Turtoi
    About the Dirac operator,

    pages: 121-130. PDF

  14. Constantin Udriste, Ariana Pitea and Janina Mihaila
    Determination of metrics by boundary energy,

    pages: 131-143. PDF


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