Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 14 (2009), No. 1

ISSN 1224-2780 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2875 (online version)  

Suggested software for viewing and printing: Acrobat Reader. 

  1. V. Balan, M. Crane, V. Patrangenaru and X. Liu
    Projective shape manifolds and coplanarity of landmark configurations. A nonparametric approach,

    pages: 1-10. PDF file

  2. W. Batat, G. Calvaruso and B. De Leo
    Homogeneous Lorentzian $3$-manifolds with a parallel null vector field,

    pages: 11-20. PDF file

  3. Behroz Bidabad
    Complete Finsler manifolds and adapted coordinates,

    pages: 21-29. PDF file

  4. Simona-Luiza Druta
    Kahler-Einstein structures of general natural lifted type on the cotangent bundles,

    pages: 30-39. PDF file

  5. Yoshio Matsuyama
    Compact Einstein Kaehler submanifolds of a complex projective space,

    pages: 40-45. PDF file

  6. M.R. Molaei and M.R. Farhangdoost
    Lie algebras of a class of top spaces,

    pages: 46-51. PDF file

  7. Gheorghe Munteanu and Monica Purcaru
    On R-complex Finsler spaces,

    pages: 52-59. PDF file

  8. Marcela Popescu
    Totally singular Lagrangians and affine Hamiltonians,

    pages: 60-71. PDF file

  9. Cristina-Liliana Pripoae, Gabriel-Teodor Pripoae
    Free fall motion in an invariant field of forces: the 2D-case,

    pages: 72-83. PDF file

  10. Makoto Sakaki
    Minimal lightlike hypersurfaces in R^4_2 with integrable screen distribution,

    pages: 84-90. PDF file

  11. Olivian Simionescu-Panait
    Geometry of electroelastic materials subject to biasing fields,

    pages: 91-101. PDF file

  12. Constantin Udriste
    Simplified multitime maximum principle,

    pages: 102-119. PDF file

  13. Ze-Ping Wang and Ye-Lin Ou
    Classifications of some special infinity-harmonic maps,

    pages: 120-131. PDF file

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