Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 14 (2009), No. 2

ISSN 1224-2780 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2875 (online version)  

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  1. Gheorghe Atanasiu and Mircea Neagu
    Canonical nonlinear connections in the multi-time Hamilton Geometry,

    pages: 1-12. PDF file

  2. Gabriel Bercu and Mihai Postolache
    A class of self-concordant functions on Riemannian manifolds,

    pages: 13-20. PDF file

  3. Celine Bernard, Fanny Grandin and Luc Vrancken
    Minimal tensor product immersions,

    pages: 21-27. PDF file

  4. Adara M. Blaga
    Connections on k-symplectic manifolds,

    pages: 28-33. PDF file

  5. Gratiela Cicortas
    Product type inequalities for the geometric category,

    pages: 34-41. PDF file

  6. Iulia Elena Hirica
    On some pseudo-symmetric Riemann spaces,

    pages: 42-49. PDF file

  7. Vladimir S. Matveev
    On ``All regular Landsberg metrics are always Berwald" by Z. I. Szabo,

    pages: 50-52. PDF file

  8. Mehdi Nadjafikhah, Seyed-Reza Hejazi
    Symmetry analysis of the cylindrical Laplace equation,

    pages: 53-64. PDF file

  9. Ariana Pitea, Constantin Udriste and Stefan Mititelu
    PDI & PDE - constrained optimization problems with curvilinear functional quotients as objective vectors,

    pages: 65-78. PDF file

  10. Liviu Popescu
    A note on Poisson-Lie algebroids (I),

    pages: 79-89. PDF file

  11. Shichang Shu and Annie Yi Han
    Hypersurfaces with constant scalar or mean curvature in a unit sphere,

    pages: 90-100. PDF file

  12. Constantin Udriste
    Nonholonomic approach of multitime maximum principle,

    pages: 101-116. PDF file

  13. Constantin Udriste and Ionel Tevy
    Multitime linear-quadratic regulator problem based on curvilinear integral,

    pages: 117-127. PDF file

  14. Chang-jian Zhao and Mihaly Bencze
    L_p-Minkowski and Aleksandrov-Fenchel type inequalities,

    pages: 128-137. PDF file

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