Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 19 (2014), No. 1

ISSN 1224-2780 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2875 (online version)  

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  1. Ovidiu Calin, Constantin Udriste, Ionel Tevy
    A stochastic variant of Chow-Rashewski Theorem on the Grushin distribution,

    pages: 1-12.PDF file

  2. Bang-Yen Chen and Sharief Deshmukh
    Geometry of compact shrinking Ricci solitons,

    pages: 13-21.PDF file

  3. Christopher Terence John Dodson
    A review of some recent work on hypercyclicity,

    pages: 22-41.PDF file

  4. Yusuf Gurtas
    Slopes of Lefschetz fibrations and separating vanishing cycles,

    pages: 42-53.PDF file

  5. Graham Hall
    Geodesics and the geometry of manifolds,

    pages: 54-61.PDF file

  6. Hyang Sook Kim, Jung-Hwan Kwon and Jin Suk Pak
    Indefinite Kahler manifolds with the Krupka-type curvature tensor,

    pages: 62-72.PDF file

  7. Xingda Liu and Shaoqiang Deng
    The antipodal sets of compact symmetric spaces,

    pages: 73-79.PDF file

  8. Senajji Kampalappa Narasimhamurthy, Ambale Rajegowda Kavyashree and Mallikarjun Yallappa Kumbar
    Characterization of locally dually flat Ist approximate Matsumoto metric,

    pages: 80-87.PDF file

  9. Miguel Ortega Titos, Francisco Jose Palomo Ruiz and Alfonso Romero Sarabia
    Componentwise conformal vector fields on Riemannian almost product manifolds,

    pages: 88-99.PDF file

  10. Paul Popescu and Marcela Popescu
    On some classes of foliations,

    pages: 100-106.PDF file

  11. Ali Suri and Hossein Abedi
    Connections on 2-osculator bundles of infinite dimensional manifolds,

    pages: 107-116.PDF file

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