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Homology, Homotopy and Applications (ISSN 1512 - 0139) is the all-electronic, refereed journal on homology and homotopy in algebra and topology and their applications to the mathematical sciences.

The Editorial Board controls the journal with coordination by its Editors-in-Chief, Hvedri Inassaridze and Gunnar Carlsson.

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Aims and Scope

Homology and homotopy are important disciplines of algebra and topology having fundamental and diverse applications to many fields of mathematics.

Their investigation methods,inspired by geometrical and topological constructions,play a crucial role on the development of all the mathematics, ranging from algebraic topology to functional analysis and Galois theory. They essentially study homological, homotopical and categorical properties of a wide variety of algebraic and topological objects.

With the use of standard (co)homology and homotopy theories (derived functors, spectral sequences, sheaf cohomology, fibrations, homotopy of simplicial objects) and their non-abelian, topological and categorical aspects, spectacular applications were obtained in the last thirty years in general algebra, algebraic topology, K-theory and algebraic geometry. New important, rapidly expanding and intensivly developing areas of algebra such as algebraic K-theory and cyclic homology are closely related with homological and homotopical algebra.

So the influence of homology and homotopy is found in many fundamental domains of mathematics and the aim of "Homology, Homotopy and Applications" is to unify such applications, to show its merit, importance and diversity and to present in time to its reader new information about the progress of the area and the relationships with other fields.

To this end "Homology, Homotopy and Applications" will publish carefully refereed significant and original research papers and expository survey papers of high level in the area, as well as research papers having substantial applications of results and technique of homological and homotopical algebra, for example to general algebra, algebraic topology, algebraic homotopy, algebraic geometry, K-theory, category theory,computer science, Galois theory, functional analysis, algebraic number theory, differential geometry and topology.

Articles appearing in the journal have been carefully and critically refereed under the responsibility of members of the Editorial Board. Only papers judged excellent are accepted for publication.

The method of distribution of the journal is via Internet tools (WWW, ftp, etc.)

The journal is archived electronically and in printed paper format.

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