Aims and Scope

The theory of difference equations, the methods used, and their wide applications have advanced beyond their adolescent stage to occupy a central position in applicable analysis. In fact, in the last 12 years, the proliferation of the subject has been witnessed by hundreds of research articles, several monographs, many international conferences, and numerous special sessions.

The theory of differential and difference equations forms two extreme representations of real world problems. For example, a simple population model when represented as a differential equation shows the good behavior of solutions whereas the corresponding discrete analogue shows the chaotic behavior. The actual behavior of the population is somewhere in between. Papers published in Advances in Difference Equations will include such situations.

The aim of Advances in Difference Equations is to report new developments in the field of difference equations, and their applications in all fields. Advances in Difference Equations will accept high-quality papers containing original research results and survey articles of exceptional merit.