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Journal Of Applied Analysis

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ISSN 1425-6908 · EMIS Electronic Edition

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L. Gajek, Technical University of Lodz, Poland

Journal Of Applied Analysis is an international mathematical journal devoted to mathematical analysis and its applications to physics, mechanics, economics, computer sciences and engineering. Topics include: mathematical analysis (real and complex, harmonic, convex, variational), differential equations, dynamic systems, optimization (linear, nonlinear, convex, nonsmooth, multicriteria), optimal control, stochastic modelling and probability theory, numerical methods. Also welcome are works showing connections between mathematical analysis and other domains of mathematics (geometry, topology, logic and set theory).

Access to the EMIS Electronic edition of this journal is free. The print version is available for subscription by the publisher, Heldermann Verlag on whose website also the complete Tables of Contents are to be found.

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