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Vol. 2, No. 1, 1996 · Contents

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W.M. Zajaczkowski:
$L_\infty$-estimate for qualitatively bounded weak solutions of nonlinear degenerate diagonal parabolic systems

A. Bagh:
Epi/hypo-convergence: The Slice topology and Saddle points approximation

A.B. Kharazishvili:
A note on the Sierpinski partition

R. Picard:
An Initial Boundary Value Problem for
Maxwell's Equations
in a Parabolic Limit Case

E. Zadrzynska:
Initial - Boundary Value Problem for Equations of Generalized Newtonian Incompressible Fluid

Wei-Ling Liu and Horng-Jaan Li:
Oscillation criteria for second order linear differential equations with damping

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