Abstract. Submission guidelines for contributions to the Nexus Network Journal, including the copyright policy and information disclosure policy.

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Submission Guidelines for Contributions to the NNJ

The Nexus Network Journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal for scholars and students engaged in the study of the application of mathematical principles to architectural design. It appears twice yearly in print and on the Internet. Its goal is to present the broadest possible consideration of all aspects of the relationships between architecture and mathematics.

Refereeing and Peer Review: Contributions are refereed through external assessment or assessment by members of an expert advisory board/panel/committee with broad national or international representation. All submissions will be reviewed anonymously before being accepted for publication. The submitting author grants permission for his/her material to be sent to an external referee or referees for review.

Making a Submission.

  • Cover sheet: Please include a cover sheet with the following information: name of author, title or profession (if any), regular address, e-mail address. Specify the following:
    • Status of the research:
      • a) the material being submitted has never been published;
      • b) the material being submitted has been previously published;
      • c) the material being published has been submitted for review to another journal.
      • If c), please specify:
        • 1) the paper is currently undergoing review;
        • 2) the paper has been accepted for publication.
    • Status of the illustrations:
      • a) illustrations are by the author
      • b) illustrations are by a third party and written permission has been or can be obtained (authors are responsible for obtaining and paying for rights for reproduction)
  • Keywords: Please indicate as many of the keywords on our keyword list as are applicable to your material. Keywords help us to find suitable referees for submissions, and are used asmetadata so that our archives are easily and efficiently searchable.
  • Material may be sent to Kim Williams via e-mail or via regular mail: Via Cavour 8, 10123 Turin (Torino), Italy.

Please read about our policies on Information Disclosure, Copyright and Digital Publishing.

Contributions will be accepted for consideration to the following sections in the journal:

Research articles. Research articles are full-length scholarly articles such as studies of individual monuments with respect to geometry, proportions, symbolism, etc., studies of design techniques of individual architects, and studies of individual proportional systems. Especially encouraged are works concerning non-Western architecture and mathematics. If you would like suggestions as to topics to research, contact Kim Williams for a list. Submissions may be in the form of drafts or finished papers. An Editorial Board reviews submissions for research articles to determine general suitability. The review process includes a peer review of all submitted articles, including those solicited by the editors. Solicitation of a manuscript by the editors is no guarantee of its eventual publication. Submissions will be judged based on their relevance to the field of architecture and mathematics, the rigor of their analysis, originality, accessibility, and the quality of the prose. Edited texts will be returned to the author for approval. Previously published papers are acceptable for submission if the original publisher's permission for publication on the Internet is obtained by the author. There are no specific requirements at this time as to page limits or number of illustrations, however the editors reserve the right to limit amount of text and/or number of illustrations.

Didactics. Descriptions of courses dealing with mathematics and architecture; student projects.

Viewpoints. Editorial topics related to architecture and mathematics.

Book Reviews. Including authors' reviews of their own books. Guidelines for reviews are the same as for research articles. Generally, book reviews for the NNJ will be between 800 and 1400 words in length and will conform to standard scholarly practices of referencing and writing contained in the NNJ. All book reviews are refereed

Conference and Exhibits Reports. Guidelines are the same as those for Book Reviews.

Information Disclosure Policy 

Information submitted to the NNJ will be used to improve the journal and provide more resources for NNJ readers. All submissions in any form, whether as a featured article, letter to the editor, book review, conference report, notice of a related Internet site or notice of an up-coming event, or information submitted by a reader wishing to be inserted in the mailing list, is for exclusive use of the NNJ and will not be shared with any other party without the contributor's permission. Submission of papers for inclusion in the NNJ implies the author's permission to send the paper to readers for review. The NNJ does not sell its mailing list to third parties for advertising purposes.

Copyright Policy

All articles published in the NNJ are copyrighted as part of a collective work by Kim Williams, Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the NNJ. Permission to re-use copyrighted material is routinely given to the authors of articles for use in their own publications, provided that credit is given to the NNJ.

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