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Nexus Network Journal is a peer-reviewed research resource for studies in architecture and mathematics. It is published twice yearly on the Internet and in print by Kim Williams Books

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 Matematica senza confini
Con la partecipazione di Alfio Quarteroni, Michele Emmer, Italo Tamanini, e Federico Pedrocchi
Museo della scienza e della tecnologia
Milano, 3 aprile 2006, ore 17,30
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Nexus 2006: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics
7-10 June 2006
Genoa, Italy

Sponsored by the Department for the Science of Architecture, University of Genoa

As of 1 January 2006, the Nexus Network Journal will be published and distributed by Birkhäuser!

 The question raised by Mario Salvadori at the very first Nexus conference in 1996, "Are there any relationships between architecture and mathematics?" would seem to have been amply answered during the ten years that Nexus has existed. The archive of research articles that has been created first in the series of Nexus conference books (five books to date, with a total of 72 papers) and the seven years of the Nexus Network Journal (with a total of 67 Research papers in addition to Didactics articles, the Geometer's Angle columns, Book and Article Reviews, and Conference and Exhibit Reports) speaks for itself. Nexus has matured. I am very pleased to announce that beginning in 2006 with vol. 8, the NNJ will be published by Birkhäuser Publishers of Basel, Switzerland. Birkhäuser's interest in the NNJ reflects the journal's maturity and reputation for maintaining the highest academic standards. (But don't worry, NNJ readers are not rid of me yet! I will continue in my position as Editor-in-Chief.)

The NNJ is now undergoing a period of transformation during which our archives are being transferred onto the Birkhäuser site. We hope that this will cause as little disruption as possible, but be patient with us if you can't find what you are looking for. If you run into problems, an e-mail will help us sort it out as soon as possible.

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 Announcing the dates of the Nexus conference in 2006!

Nexus 2006: Relationships Between Architecture and Mathematics
7-10 June 2006
Genoa, Italy

Sponsored by the Department for the Science of Architecture, University of Genoa

 Now available online:
Vol. 7 no. 2 (Autumn 2005)

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In the current issue of the NNJ

Nexus Architecture and Mathematics
Aims -- Methods -- Criteria

David Speiser, frequent Nexus conference participant and presenter, discusses what the aims, methods, and criteria for research into the relationships between architecture and mathematics should be.

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I Have been an avid on-line reader of Nexus since I visited Roncesvalles several years ago & spotted a geometrical relief on a stone in a wall there. So far as I have been able to find, there has been no discussion of this geometry, which looks like a medieval mason's work. I can see the circle geometry and guess that there is square geometry there too. What seems to be a mason's square is carved beside the geometry.

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Nexus Network Journal
vol. 7 no. 1 (Spring 2005)

Mathematics in the Architecture Curriculum

Orietta Pedemonte and Laura Tedeschini Lalli, Guest Editors

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