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Vol. 60(74), 1996 · Contents

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Zoran Ognjanovi\'c and Miodrag Ra\v skovi\'c:
A logic with higher order probabilities

Zoran \v Sami:
A generalization of functions $!n$ and $n!$

Predrag Stanimirovi\'c:
Computation of determinants and inverses of rectangular or singular matrices using residue arithmetic

Cornelia Gutan:
Une condition finitude pour les smi-groupes

Nebij\v sa La\v zeti\'c:
Estimates for derivatives and integrals of eigenfunctions and associated functions of nonselfadjoint Sturm--Liouville operator with discontinuous coefficients (II)

Milutin Dostani\'c:
Exact asymptotic behaviour of the singular values of integral operators with the kernel having singularity on the diagonal

D. Mentagui:
Caracterisation de la stabilité d'un problème de minimisation associé à une function de perturbation particuliere

Mircea Balaj:
$m$-families and common transversals

Miroslav Pavlovi\'c:
On Cesaro means in Hardy spaces

Irena \v Comi\'c:
Generalized connections on $T(T^2M)$

Novica Bla\v zi\'c:
Paraquaternionic projective space and pseudo-Riemannian geometry

R. Deszcz, P Verheyen and L. Verstraelen:
On some generalized Einstein metric conditions

Boris A. Rosenfeld and Michael P. Zamakhovsky:
Homogeneous $k$-symmetric spaces of interior type with simple real findamental groups and their connection with parabolic spaces

Constantin C\u alin:
Totally umbilical degenerate Monge hypersurfaces\newline of $R_1^4$

Vladimir Jovanovi\'c:
On the convergence rate estimates for finite difference schemes approximating homogeneous initial-boundary value problem for hyperbolic equation

Bo\v sko Jovanovi\'c:
On the convergence of a factorized vector finite difference scheme

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