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Vol. 97(111), pp. 199–210 (2015)

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Yong Shao, Miaomiao Ren

School of Mathematics, Northwest University, Xian, China

Abstract: We introduce the notion of a sturdy frame of abstract algebras which is a common generalization of a sturdy semilattice of semigroups, the sum of lattice ordered systems, the strong distributive lattice of semirings, the sturdy frame of type $(2,2)$ algebras and the strong b-lattice of semirings. Also, we give some properties and characterizations of the sturdy frame of abstract algebras. As an application, we study the sturdy distributive lattice of lattice ordered groups.

Keywords: abstract algebra, sturdy frame, congruence, subdirect product, variety

Classification (MSC2000): 03C05; 08A05

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