Balkan Journal of Geometry 
and Its Applications 

Volume 26 (2021), No. 2

ISSN 1224-2780 (printed version)
ISSN 1843-2875 (online version)  

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  1. Gulnur Saffak Atalay and Kebire Hilal Ayvaci
    Surface family with a common Mannheim B-geodesic curve,

    pages: 1-12. PDF file

  2. Fidele Balibuno Luganda and Leonard Todjihounde
    Symplectic diffeomorphisms and Weinstein 1-form,

    pages: 13-22. PDF file

  3. Habib Bouzir and Gherici Beldjilali
    Almost Hermitian Golden manifolds,

    pages: 23-32. PDF file

  4. Vinod Chandra and Shankar Lal
    eta-Ricci solitons on Lorentzian para-Kenmotsu manifolds,

    pages: 33-43. PDF file

  5. Tejinder Kumar, Megha Pruthi, Sangeet Kumar and Pankaj Kumar
    Geometric characteristics of screen slant lightlike submanifolds of indefinite nearly Kaehler manifolds,

    pages: 44-54. PDF file

  6. Mancho Manev and Veselina Tavkova
    Matrix Lie groups as 3-dimensional almost paracontact almost paracomplex Riemannian manifolds,

    pages: 55-66. PDF file

  7. Fortune Massamba and Samuel Ssekajja
    Singularities of null mean curvature flow of null hypersurfaces in Lorentzian manifolds,

    pages: 67-84. PDF file

  8. Najma Mosadegh and Esmaiel Abedi
    Tanaka-Webster biharmonic hypersurfaces in Sasakian space forms,

    pages: 85-99. PDF file

  9. Rajendra Prasad, Abdul Haseeb and Shweta Singh
    Quasi bi-slant submanifolds of para-Kenmotsu manifolds,

    pages: 100-111. PDF file

  10. Mohammad Shafiee and Masoud Aminizadeh
    On 2-plectic Lie groups,

    pages: 112-125. PDF file

  11. Aliya Naaz Siddiqui and Mohammed Danish Siddiqi
    Almost Ricci-Bourguignon solitons and geometrical structure in a relativistic perfect fluid spacetime,

    pages: 126-138. PDF file

  12. Kumaraswami Venu, Gangadharappa Halammanavar Nagaraja and Kiran Lakshmana Devasandra Kumar
    Ricci solitons and gradient Ricci solitons in a D-homothetically deformed K-contact manifold,

    pages: 139-147. PDF file

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