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Vol. 4, No. 1, Winter 2002 Copyright ©2002 Kim Williams. All Rights Reserved. ISSN: 1522-4600

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Winter 2002 Special Issue: The Golden Section
Guest Editor, Stephen R. Wassell

Table of Contents

 Note to the reader. Because of the many symbols and formulas used in the papers in this issue, we recommend the use of Internet Explorer
Letter from the Guest Editor Stephen R. Wassell
Research Articles
Abstracts Includes abstracts of all NNJ research articles available online and in print
The Golden Section in Architectural Theory Marcus Frings
 The Pythagopod Christopher Glass
 Spirals and the Golden Section John Sharp
More True Applications of the Golden Number Dirk Huylebrouck and Patrick Labarque
 Archives A guide to all NNJ articles about Didactics available online and in print.
The Geometer's AngleAn Introduction
Geometer's Angle™ No. 6:R-Tiles Marcus the Marinite
The Indefinite Dyad and the Golden Section: Uncovering Plato's Second Principle
Scott A. Olsen
Conference and Exhibit Reports
 Archives A guide to all NNJ conference and exhibit reports available online and in print.
Book and Article Reviews
Archives A guide to all NNJ book reviews available online and in print. Michael Ostwald, Book Review Editor
Proportion: Science Philosophy Architecture by Richard Padovan Reviewed by John Sharp
"Dynamical Symmetries: Mathematical Synthesis between Chaos Theory (Complexity), Fractal Geometry, and the Golden Mean" by Nigel Reading Reviewed by Michael J. Ostwald and Stephen R. Wassell
Regular Features
The Virtual Library. The NNJ recommends new and classic books on architecture and mathematics.
Submission Guidelines

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