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Vol. 5, No. 1, Spring 2003 Copyright ©2003 Kim Williams. All Rights Reserved. ISSN: 1522-4600

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Spring 2003 Special Issue:
Perspective and Optics

David A. Vila Domini, Guest Editor

Table of Contents
Letter from the Editor David A. Vila Domini
Research Articles Abstracts of all research articles available in the NNJ online and in print.
Perspective as a Symmetry Transformation György Darvas
Distance to the Perspective Plane Tomás García-Salgado
 From the Vault of the Heavens Marco Jaff
Speculations on the Origins of Linear Perspective Richard Talbot
The Diminution of the Classical Column: Visual Sensibility in Antiquity and the Renaissance
David A. Vila Domini
The Geometer's AngleAn Introduction
Geometer's Angle™ no. 9: Perspective Geometrica Marcus the Marinite
Didactics A guide to all articles about Didactics available in the NNJ online and in print.
 A Proposed Two-Semester Programme for Mathematics in the Architecture Curriculum
Luisa Consiglieri and Victor Consiglieri
Book reviews Includes all book reviews available in the NNJ online and in print.
Origins, Imitation, Convention by James Ackerman
Reviewed by Michael Chapman
 Contested Symmetries and Other Predicaments in Architecture by Preston Scott Cohen
Reviewed by Jin-Ho Park
Conference/ Exhibit Reports A guide to all conference and exhibit reports available in the NNJ online and in print.
Nel segno di Masaccio. L'invenzione della prospettiva (In the Traces of Masaccio. The Invention of Perspective) Exhibit review by João Pedro Xavier
 Bridges 2002: Connections Between Art, Music, and Science Carol Bier
The Virtual Library. The NNJ recommends new and classic books on architecture and mathematics.
Submission Guidelines

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