Geometry & Applications

Proceedings of the conference

dedicated to the 70th anniversary of

Professor Victor Toponogov

held at

Sobolev Institute of Mathematics

Novosibirsk, Russia
March 13-16, 2000


Yu.G. Reshetnyak, V.V. Vershinin, and V.A. Aleksandrov
Copyright 2001 by Sobolev Institute of Mathematics


V.A. Alexandrov, V.V. Vershinin, and Yu.G. Reshetnyak
Victor Andreevich Toponogov (on the 70th anniversary of his birth) ........5-6
[Zbl 0984.01012] [PDF(Russian)]

List of V.A. Toponogov's articles ........7-10

V.N. Berestovskij
A metric characterization of Riemannian submersions for A. D. Alexandrov manifolds with bounded curvature. ........11-16
[Zbl 0987.53016] [PDF(Russian)]

A.A. Borisenko and V. Miquel
A structure of Hopf hypersurfaces in Sasakian and 3-Sasakian space forms. ........17-25
[Zbl 0990.53013] [PDF(Russian)]

E.P. Volokitin and S.A. Treskov
On periodic solutions to a plane system modelling neural activity. ........26-33
[Zbl 0996.34027] [PDF(Russian)]

V.A. Gor'kavyj
Deformation of surfaces $F^2$ in $E^4$ preserving the image of the Grassmann mapping. ........34-56
[Zbl 0988.53003] [PDF(Russian)]

N.S. Dairbekov and V.A. Sharafutdinov
On the spectral rigidity problem for Anosov manifolds. ........57-75
[Zbl 0990.58020] [PDF(Russian)]

Ya.A. Kopylov and V.I. Kuz'minov
On the exactness of a cohomology sequence for a short exact sequence of complexes in a semi-abelian category. ........76-83
[Zbl 0988.18010] [PDF(Russian)]

S.S. Kutateladze
Some new trends in monadology. ........84-94
[Zbl 0987.03507] [PDF(Russian)]

A.Yu. Makovetskij
Special spines containing $F$-polyhedra satisfying hypothesis about disc transformations. ........95-101
[Zbl 1004.57015] [PDF(Russian)]

S.V. Matveev
Complexity of three-dimensional manifolds. ........102-110
[Zbl 1004.57016] [PDF(Russian)]

I.G. Nikolaev
A $C^{1,1}$ approximation of a convex hypersurface with bounded positive specific scalar curvature. ........111-127
[Zbl 0987.53002] [PDF(Russian)]

Yu.G. Nikonorov
Classification of invariant Einstein metrics on Aloff-Wallach spaces. ........128-245
[Zb0988.53017l ] [PDF(Russian)]

E.L. Pervova
Morse functions on simple polyhedra and a method of getting special spines connected with them. ........146-157
[Zbl 1004.57017] [PDF(Russian)]

Yu.G. Reshetnyak
On the theory of nonregular curves in the $n$-dimensional Euclidean space. ........158-170
[Zbl 0990.53001] [PDF(Russian)]

E.D. Rodionov and V.V. Slavskij
Conformal and rank one deformations of Riemannian metrics with zero curvature planes on a compact manifold. ........171-182
[Zbl 0990.53031] [PDF(Russian)]

I.Kh. Sabitov
Some applications of the volume formula for a polyhedron. ........183-197
[Zbl 0991.52005] [PDF(Russian)]

K.V. Storozhuk
Action of transformation groups of a Riemannian manifold on $L_p$-spaces of differential forms. ........198-203
[Zbl 0990.58002] [PDF(Russian)]

E.A. Fominykh
Complete description of the set of fundamental surfaces for some three-dimensional manifolds. ........204-214
[Zbl 1004.57018] [PDF(Russian)]

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