In Zurich we have an active center for dynamical systems and ergodic theory. This website lists people, events and scientific activities in the University of Zurich und ETH Zurich.


The members of the group offer normally a cycle of courses starting from bachelor level to graduate level. Interested students are advised to visit the Courses tab


We run a weekly research seminar and a working seminar. Please visit our Seminar Tab

Research Topics

Research interests of members of the group include

  • Homogeneous Dynamics, also in connection to
    • Number Theory (Diophantine and equidistribution problems)
    • Spectral Theory
    • Group Theory
  • Ergodic Theory of entropy zero systems, such as
    • Area preserving flows (translation flows and locally Hamiltonians flows)
    • Interval exchange maps and Rational polygonal billiard
    • Time changes of parabolic flows
  • Infinite ergodic Theory and
  • Limit theorems
  • Teichmüller Dynamics

Group Photo

Here is a photo of Zurich Dynamics Group taken by Claudia Burkhardt on October 4th, 2021.

Group Picture