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Efficient Numerical Methods for Option Pricing

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Lecturer Dr. Oleg Reichmann
Ort HG G 5
Zeit Thursday 15:00-17:00
Beginnt am 19.09.2013
Vorbesprechung 21.08.2013, 15.00-16.30, HG G19.1
Kontakt Dr. Oleg Reichmann
Voraussetzungen Required:
Completed course in Probability Theory or/and in Numerical Solution of elliptic & parabolic PDEs or hyperbolic PDEs.
Some basic knowledge of R or Matlab or willigness to learn.
Courses in Functional Analysis and/or
Computational Methods for Quantitative Finance and/or Numerical Solution of SODEs.
Beschreibung In recent years, many efficient computational methods in the area of option pricing have been developed. The need for efficient methods stems from the increasing complexity of the considered financial products as well as from the high dimensionality of the considered models. In this seminar different computational methods will be analysed. We will discuss the mathematical formulation of the arising PDEs and SDEs and the analysis of the corresponding approximation schemes. Calibration and hedging shall also be discussed. The aim of the seminar is to give an overview over up-to-date methods and carry out implementations in Matlab or R.

Topics to be discussed include:

- Fourier-cosine methods
- Multilevel Monte Carlo techniques
- Reduced Basis methods
- Sparse Grids
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