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On this site we provide detailed information about student seminars offered at the Department of Mathematics.

The listing of seminars intends to complement the Vorlesungsverzeichnis in giving more detailed information and in providing a forum for last minute updates and changes. If you offer a seminar or know of a seminar which is not yet on the list, please announce it on this page.

For comments and suggestions, please contact Özlem Imamoglu.

List of Seminars

Frühlingssemester 2016
spacer Advanced Topics In Discrete Optimization
spacer Darstellungstheorie endlicher Gruppen 1
spacer Darstellungstheorie endlicher Gruppen 2
spacer The Discontinuous Petrov Galerkin Method
Herbstsemester 2015
spacer Monstrous Moonshine
Frühlingssemester 2015
spacer Topics in Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization
spacer Numerical Analysis Seminar: Computational Reduction Methods for Parametric and Stochastic PDEs
spacer Numbers and Theory
Herbstsemester 2014
spacer Representation theory of associative algebras
spacer Beweise aus DEM BUCH
spacer Geometric Group Theory
spacer Lie Groups III
Frühjahrssemester 2014
spacer Numerical Analysis Seminar: Numerical Analysis of High-Dimensional Problems
spacer Seminar Geometry and Optimization
spacer Seminar in Statistics: Functional Data Analysis
spacer Geometric Group Theory
Herbstsemester 2013
spacer Efficient Numerical Methods for Option Pricing
spacer Minimalflaechen
spacer Renormalization
spacer Geometric Group Theory
Frühjahrssemester 2013
spacer Darstellungstheorie endlicher Gruppen
spacer Shape Calculus
spacer Metrische Geometrie
spacer Invariant Theory
Herbstsemester 2012
spacer Numerical Analysis Seminar
spacer Numerical Analysis of Stochastic PDEs
spacer Hauptsächlich Flächen
spacer Homotopical and Higher Algebra
spacer Trees, lattices and simple groups
Frühjahrssemester 2012
spacer Numerical Analysis Seminar: Adaptive Low-Rank Discretizations of High-Dimensional PDEs
spacer Mathematische Logik
spacer Risk and Asset Allocation
spacer Combinatorial Optimization and Applications
spacer Student Seminar in Statistics: Robust Statistics
spacer Stochastic control and financial applications
spacer Geometric Group Theory Seminar: Special Cube Complexes
spacer Representation Theory of Associative Algebras
spacer Introduction to Number Theory
Herbstsemester 2011
spacer Numerical Analysis of Stochastic PDEs
spacer p-adic analysis compared with real
spacer Kategorien und abgeleitete Funktoren
Frühjahrssemester 2011
spacer Structure Preserving Discretizations of PDEs
spacer G-Expectations and Nonlinear Martingales
spacer Modern Developments in Computational Harmonic Analysis
spacer Sphere Packings
spacer Seminar on CAT(0) Cubical Complexes
Herbstsemester 2010
spacer Pricing and Hedging with Jump Processes
spacer Inverse problems in image processing
spacer Hodge Theory with Applications
spacer Boundary Element Methods for Wave Scattering
spacer Stochastic Integration and Numerics
spacer Morse Theory
spacer Total positivity and cluster algebras
Frühjahrssemester 2010
spacer Financial Markets with Friction
spacer Mixed-Effects Models
spacer Exponential Integrators
Herbstsemester 2009
spacer Projektive Geometrie
spacer Cluster algebras
spacer American options and optimal stopping problems
spacer Convolution Quadrature
spacer Seminar on Complex Singularity Theory
Frühjahrssemester 2009
spacer Seminar in mathematical finance: Topics in credit risk
spacer Numerical Methods in Quantum Molecular Dynamics
spacer Seminar zur Algebra
spacer Causality
Herbstsemester 2008
spacer Darstellungstheorie von Köchern
spacer Numerical Methods for Oscillatory Integrals
spacer Nonlinear Expectations and Risk Measures
spacer String Topology
Frühjahrssemester 2008
spacer Bayesian Statistics
spacer Seminar in mathematical finance: Bubbles
spacer Numerical Analysis Seminar: The Top-Ten Computational Algorithms in Science and Engineering
spacer AK Geometrische Flüsse
spacer Algebra in positive characteristic
spacer Metrische Geometrie
Herbstsemester 2007
spacer Fourier- und Wavelet Analysis
spacer Grundideen der Harmonischen Analysis
spacer Morsetheorie
spacer Studentenseminar in Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie
spacer Seminar über Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik
spacer Geometrie Partieller Differentialgleichungen
Sommersemester 2007
spacer Numerical Solution of PDEs with Stochastic Data
spacer Products and non-linearities in partial differential equations
spacer Seminar über Finanz- und Versicherungsmathematik: Operational Risk: Modeling Analytics
spacer Seminar on Ricci Solutions
spacer Seminar über Geometrische Masstheorie
Wintersemester 2006/2007
spacer Theory and numerics of solitary waves
spacer Applications of bounded cohomology
spacer Seminar in Stochastics: Markov Chains
spacer Seminar über Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik
spacer Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie: Random Matrices and Number Theory
spacer Modular Forms
Sommersemester 2006
spacer Seminar über Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik
spacer Verallgemeinerte komplexe Geometrie
spacer Seminar über Statistik
spacer Seminar über Spektraltheorie
spacer Seminar in Geometrie: Tits-Gebaeude
Wintersemester 2005/06
spacer Geometric Numerical Integration
spacer Proseminar/Seminar: Algebra
spacer Topics in incomplete markets
spacer Dynamische Systeme
spacer Seminar über Mengenlehre
spacer Numerische Methoden in der Strömungsmechanik
spacer Geometric Heat Flows
spacer Ausgewählte Themen der Kombinatorik
spacer Algebra Seminar
spacer Monte-Carlo Methods in financial engineering
spacer Seminar über Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik
Sommersemester 2005
spacer Stochastic Control of Jump Diffusions - Analysis and Numerics
spacer Absorbing Boundary Conditions
spacer Seminar über Versicherungs- und Finanzmathematik
spacer Coding-Theory
spacer Weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations
spacer Graphische Modelle
spacer Asymptotische Geometrie
Wintersemester 2004/05
spacer Fast Fourier Transform und Verallgemeinerungen
spacer Advanced Topics in Discrete Mathematics: Polytopes
spacer Viscosity Solutions and Optimal Stopping
spacer Heegaard Floer Homology
spacer Geometrische Analysis: Einstein Manifolds
spacer Lektuere ausgewaehlter mathematischer Arbeiten
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