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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2004 / Acta / 7




Acu Mugur – On a subclass of   -uniform convex functions
Alb Alina – Tensor products of modules
Andrica Dorin, Piticari Mihai – On some extensions of Jordan’s arithmetic functions
Balaj Mircea, Erzse Daniel – Fixed points and minimax inequalities 
Bărbulescu Alina, Mârza Vasile – Some results regarding the ultrasonic cavitation
Belbachir Hacene – A generalized Lagrange identity and Cauchy-Buniakovsky inequality  
Belbachir Hacene – An inequality in Euclidean spaces
Blaga P. Petru – Reducing of variance by a combined scheme based on Bernstein polynomials
Botnaru Dumitru, Ţurcanu Alina – The R-perfect morphismes
Breaz Daniel –Integral operators on the   -class
Breaz Nicoleta – The cross-validation method in the polynomial regression 
Breaz Nicoleta –The cross-validation method in the smoothing spline regression
Căbulea Lucia, Aldea Mihaela – Making a decision when dealing with uncertain conditions
Cipu Mihai – Algebraic proofs for geometric statements 
Ciungu Lavinia –Some observations on the cryptographic hash functions   
Constantinescu Eugen – A certain class of quadratures  
Crişan Clara Gabriela – A result on the existence of critical points
Gica Alexandru – About some inequalities concerning the fractional part 
Iovanov Miodrag – Determining of an extremal domain for the functions from the  S-class
Jaradat Mihaela – Solving a bilocal linear single perturbated problem
Jaradat Mihaela, Teodor Groşan – A class of singular perturbated bilocal linear problems
Lupulescu Vasile – Continuous selections of solution sets to second order evolution equations
Gageonea E. Maria, Moldoveanu Silvia – On an integral operator which preserve the univalence 
Oroş Gheorghe, Oroş Irina Georgia – On a special differential inequality
Pintea Cornel – The non-criticality of certain families of affine varieties
Pişcoran Laurian – Noncommutative geometry and the difraction one dimensional network
Popa Loriana – The lattice of precompact topologies on 
Tincu Ioan – Some sumability methods
Ungureanu Viorica Mariela – Exponential stability of stochastic discrete-time, periodic systems in Hilbert spaces
Ursul Mihail – Locally compact Baer rings
Wainberg Dorin – On some properties of Brandt groupoids
Ceuca Emilian, Lungu Şerban – Simulation of power electrical circuits of automotive 
Ceuca Emilian, Lungu Şerban – Control system GUI program for ZVS buck resonant converter 
Georgouli Katerina – Adapting assessment goals to the student’s profile
Ghic Graţiela – Generating the set of nondominated points using MCRIT application 
Moldovan Grigor, Văleanu Mădălina – About integrity in security models 
Groşan Crina, Oltean Mihai, Dumitrescu Dan – A modified PAES algorithm using adaptive representation of solutions
Ileană Ciprian Ioan, Bălşan Mihai Paul – Using hibernate for persistence in Java applications
Ileană Ioana Maria – Robot motion using Delaunay triangulation 
Margaris Athanasios, Kotsialos Efthymios, Styliadis Athanasios, Roumeliotis  Manos– Neural Workbench: an object-oriented neural network simulator
Savvas Nikolaidis, C. Lazos – Fuzzy case identification in case based reasoning systems
Oleanu Emil, Ileană Ioan – Dictionaries used in an application of aiding in international commercial correspondence translation
Olteanu Emil – The plane rotation operator as a matrix function 
Joldeş Remus, Ileană Ioan, Olteanu Emil, Ceuca Emilian – The URSIN-V4 an application for generating of synoptical control applications of industrial processes
Ursu Ioan, Ursu Felicia – An intelligent ABS control based on fuzzy logic. Aircraft application
Vlasin Ioan – Web target educational interactive exercises creator
Rîşteiu Mircea, Andras Iosif - Web- based modeling of coal mine- CFTPP virtual  consortium. Part one- from it to knowledge management for a best representation of an enterprise