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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2010 / Acta / 24




Haval Mahmood Mohammed Salih, Arsham Borumand Saeid - On approximate Fuzzy maps
Ali Muhammad - On certain classes of analytic functions defined by means of a linear operator
Wei-Ping Ling, Lian-Wu Yang, Hai-Ping Shi, Zhi-Gang Wang- Dirichlet boundary value problems of nonlinear functional difference equations with Jacobi operators
Hossein Kheiri, Ghodrat Ebadi- Application of the (G`/G) -expansion method for the Burgers, Fisher and Burgers-Fisher equations
Bayaz Daraby-  - continuity between two pointwise quasi-uniformity spaces
Robha M. El-Ashwah, Mohamed Kamel Aouf- Some properties of new integral operator
Ahmad H. A. Bataineh, Alaa A. Al-Smadi- On Orlicz functions of generalized difference sequence spaces
B. Kunwar, Bramha Dutta Pandey- Simultaneous approximation by a class of linear positive operators
Mihriban Kulahci, Dursun Soylu, Mehmet Bektas- An integral formula for Willmore surfaces in an n-dimensional sphere
Jiasheng Zeng- Boundedness for multilinear commutator of Littlewood- Paley operator on Hardy and Herz-Hardy spaces
D.G. Prakasha- On Ricci -recurrent (LCS)n-manifolds
Feng Qiufen- Sharp weighted inequalities for vector-valued multilinear commutators of Marcinkiewicz operator
Faiza Belarbi, Amina Angelika Bouchentouf- Stability of queueing network system with two stations and N classes
Bahar Uyar Duldul, Mustafa Caliskan- The geodesic curvature and geodesic torsion of the intersection curve of two surfaces
N. Subramanian, U.K. Misra- The matrix transformations on double sequence space of 
Saqib Hussain- A new class of meromorphic functions
Muhammad Rafiullah, Arif Rafiq- A new approach to solve system of second order non-linear ordinary differential equations
Alina Alb Lupas- A note on differential superordinations using Saalaagean and Ruscheweyh operators
M. K. Aouf, T. M. Seoudy- Differential subordination and superordination of analytic functions defined by certain integral operator
Aabed Mohammed, Maslina Darus- A new integral operator for meromorphic functions
Huseyin Bor- On the localization of factored Fourier series
Chawalit Boonpok-  Hausdorff biclosure spaces
Gao Xinshan, Liu Lanzhe- Endpoint estimates for multilinear commutator of Marcinkiewicz operator
Ahmad M. Alghamdi, Makkiah S. Makki-Tensor product of endo- permutation modules
A. V. Rosca, N. C. Rosca- Applications of simulation methods to barrier options driven by Levy processes
J. Salah, Maslina Darus- A subclass of uniformly convex functions associatedwith a fractional calculus operatorinvolving Caputo`s fractional differentiation
R.W. Ibrahim, M. Darus- On classes of functions in the unit disk
Oladipo Abiodun Tinuoye, Daniel Breaz- On a class of family of Bazilevic functions
Memudu Olaposi Olatinwo- Some Fixed Point Theorems for Weak Contraction Conditions of Integral Type