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Acta Universitatis Apulensis

Universitatea „1 Decembrie 1918” din Alba Iulia

Year 2014 / Acta / 40




A. Gilani - Generalized common fixed point for compatible mappings of type gamma  in complete fuzzy metric spaces
H. Homei, B.N. Saray,  M. Lakestani - Numerical solution of nonlinear ordinary differential equations using Alpert multiwavelets
E. Abedi, R. Bahrami Ziabari - Slant submanifolds of a conformal Sasakian manifold

R. Atanasov, M. Budden, J. Lambert, K. Murphy, A. Penland - On Certain Induced Subgraphs of Paley Graphs


M. Houas,  Z. Dahmani  - A Coupled System of Integro-Differential Equations Involving Riemann-Liouville Integral and Caputo Derivative


E. Deniz, Y. Ozkan  -- Subclasses of analytic functions defined by a new differential operator


G. Ozturk, B.K. Bayram, K. Arslan - Weak Biharmonic and Harmonic 1-Type Curves in Semi-Euclidean space

H. Bulut, S. Tuluce Demiray, M. Kayhan - The approximate solutions of time-fractional diffusion equation by using Crank Nicholson method

T. Hamaizia, A. Aliouche - Fixed point theorems on two complete fuzzy metric spaces


O. Oukacha, M. Aidene - Direct Method of solving optimal control problems


M. Alaeiyan, L. Pourmokhtar --   A classification of  cubic edge-transitive graphs of order $46p^{2}$


M. El-Gamel, M.S. El-Azab, M. Fathy  --   The numerical solution of sixth order boundary value problems by the Legendre-Galerkin method


M.K. Aouf, A.O. Mostafa, A.Y. Lashin, B.M. Munassar - A study on general class of meromorphically univalent functions


M. Masal, N. Kuruoglu  -- On Spacelike Parallel p-Equidistant Ruled Surfaces in the Minkowski 3-Space


N. Rajesh, P. Sudha --   A new type of covering dimension


P. Sharma, Om P. Ahuja, V.K. Gupta  --   Univalent Harmonic Functions with Domains Convex in Horizontal (Vertical) Directions


K.I. Noor, Q.Z. Ahmad --  Subclasses of meromorphic univalent function


Geetha Balachandar(R. Geetha)  --  Fixed coefficients for a new subclass of uniformly spirallike functions


R.M. El-Ashwah,  D. Breaz  --  Special subclasses of harmonic functions


R.M. El-Ashwah  - Application of generalized   Hadamard product on special classes of analytic p-valent functions


R.M. El-Ashwah, M.K. Aouf, S.M. El-Deeb --  Some properties of certain subclasses of meromorphic multivalent functions of complex order defined by certain linear operator


M.K. Aouf, T.M. Seoudy, G.M. El-Hawsh - Some properties of generalized Hadamard  products for analytic functions with negative coefficients


U.C. De, Srimayee Samui - Quasi-conformal curvature tensor on generalized ($\kappa$, $\mu$)-contact metric manifolds


Wei-ping Kuang  --  Lipschitz Estimate for Vector-valued Multilinear Commutator of Fractional Area Integral Operator


Z. Yucedag --  Infinitely many nontrivial solutions for nonlinear problems involving the $(p_{1}(x),p_{2}(x))$-Laplace operator


B. Laha, A. Bhattacharyya  --  Deformation of indefinite trans-Sasakian and  LSP Sasakian manifolds


S. Altinkaya, S. Yalcin --  Coefficient estimates for a certain subclass of analytic and bi-univalent functions

Foreword by Michael H. Freedman Authors: Sotirios E. Louridas and Michael Th. Rassias - Book Review: Problem-Solving and Selected Topics in Euclidean Geometry: In the Spirit of the Mathematical Olympiads
A. Ebadian, R. Aghalary, M. A. Abolfathi  -- A fixed point approach to almost ternary homomorphisms and ternary derivations associated with the additive functional equation of n-Apollonius type in fuzzy ternary Banach algebras
A.O. Ogrenmis, M.Y. Yilmaz, M. Kulahci - Some Characterizations for Curves by the Help of Spherical Representations in the Galilean and Pseudo-Galilean Space