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Algebraic Topology I

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Lecturer: Prof. Rahul Pandharipande
Lectures: Wed 10-12, HG D 5.2

Thu 13-15, HG D 5.2

Coordinator: Maria Beatrice Pozzetti
Exercise classes: See here for further details
Wed, 1.10
Wed, 22.10
Wed, 5.11
Wed, 26.11
Wed, 10.12

Syllabus and Literature

We will follow A. Hatcher's Algebraic Topology. The book can be downloaded here.

Week Topics Chapters
1 (Sep 17-18) CW complexes, homotopy, homotopy equivalence Chapter 0
2 (Sept 24-25) Fundamental group and applications Chapter 1.1
3 (Oct 2) Borsuk-Ulam Chapter 1.1
4 (Oct 8-9) Van Kampen's Theorem, covering spaces Chapter 1.2, 1.3
5 (Oct 15-16) Covering spaces Chapter 1.3
6 (Oct 23) Homology Chapter 2.1
7 (Oct 29-30) Simplicial Homology, Delta complexes Chapter 2.1
8 (Nov 6) Singular Homology Chapter 2.1
9 (Nov 12-13) Homotopy invariance, relative homology Chapter 2.1
10 (Nov 19-20) Baricentric subdivision Chapter 2.1
11 (Nov 27) Excision Chapter 2.1
12 (Dec 3-4) Mayer-Vietoris, Jordan curve theorem Chapter 2.2
13 (Dec 11) Cellular homology Chapter 2.2
14 (Dec 17-18) Cellular homology Chapter 2.2


Can be downloaded at this link


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