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Commutative Algebra

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Lecturer Prof. Paul D. Nelson
Tue 15-17, HG D 7.1

Fri 10-12, HG F 3

Assistants Subhajit Jana (Coordinator)

Nikolas Kuhn

Thu 17-18, HG F 26.3 (First letter of last name A-L)

Thu 17-18, HG F 26.5 (First letter of last name M-Z)

First lecture: Tuesday, September 15

First exercise class : Thursday, September 17


We shall closely follow the text "Introduction to Commutative Algebra" by M. F. Atiyah and I. G. Macdonald. Wherever possible, there will be extra focus on exercises that lead towards the basics of Algebraic Geometry. Topics include
* Basics about rings, ideals and modules
* Localisation
* Primary decomposition
* Integral dependence and valuations
* Noetherian rings
* Completions
* Basic dimension theory


M. Atiyah, I. Macdonald: Introduction to Commutative Algebra, Addison-Wesley (1969)

D. Eisenbud: Commutative Algebra. With a View Toward Algebraic Geometry, GTM 150, Springer Verlag (1995)


This course is meant to provide an introduction to commutative algebra that equips the student to start studying the basics of algebraic geometry. Algebra I (or a similar introduction to the basic concepts of ring theory) will be standard prerequisite.


1. The homework will be posted on Wednesday and may be handed in on the following Thursdays (8 days later) at the beginning of the exercise session. It will be graded and available for return at the following exercise class. Late homeworks will not be accepted. A student whose solution to a homework problem is marked incorrect may consult the professor or instructors as needed, rewrite the solution, and turn it in again at the following exercise class. We will not post homework solutions, so it is to the student's advantage to attempt the homework and turn in solutions. Homework will be updated on the taskbase.

2. Information about the final exam will be posted here later.

Weekly Homeworks

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Homework 8
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Homework 10
Homework 11
Homework 12
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