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Algebraic Geometry

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Lecturer Prof. Rahul Pandharipande
Lectures Tue 15-17, HG E 1.2

Thu 10-12, HG G 26.5

Coordinator Georg Oberdieck
Fri 13-14, HG E 33.5

Fri 16-17, HG E 33.5

First lecture: Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First exercise class : Friday, February 21, 2014

Testat conditions: The testat condition was temporarily suspended (see here). Nevertheless, the exercises are essential for understanding the material and concepts of the course and it is for your own benefit to work on the problems. It is also encouraged to hand them in as it gives you (hopefully) valuable feedback.

It is expected for the lecture and the exam that a majority of the problems have been worked on.

Content and Literature

This course is an introduction to Algebraic Geometry (algebraic varieties and schemes).

The main reference for the course is
* Robin Hartshorne, Algebraic Geometry, Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Springer.

For the exercises we will also use
* Joe Harris, Algebraic Geometry, A First Course, Graduate Texts in Mathematics, Springer.

There are also some very good texts that are freely available online. The two following are recommended:
* J.S. Milne, Algebraic Geometry (mainly about abstract algebraic varieties - schemes only appear in the very end)
* Ravi Vakil, Foundations of Algebraic Geometry (quite abstract)

Further readings:
* I. R. Shafarevich, Basic Algebraic geometry 1 & 2, Springer-Verlag.
* Ulrich Görtz and Torsten Wedhorn, Algebraic Geometry I, Advanced Lectures in Mathematics, Springer.
* Jean Gallier and Stephen S. Shatz, Algebraic Geometry

Lecture Notes

There are inofficial lecture notes of the course. You can find the file here.

Exercise groups

Group Room Assistant Time
HG E 33.5
Paul Ziegler
Friday, 13-14
2 HG E 33.5
Mario Huicochea Friday, 16-17

Problem Sheets

Problem Sheet
Due on date Solutions
Sheet 1
Mar 7
Solution 1
Sheet 2
Mar 7
Solution 2
Sheet 3
Mar 14
Solution 3
Sheet 4
Mar 21
Solution 4
Sheet 5
Mar 28
Solution 5
Sheet 6
Apr 4
Solution 6
Sheet 7
Apr 11
Solution 7
Sheet 8
May 2
Solution 8
Sheet 9
May 2
Solution 9
Sheet 10
May 9
Solution 10
Sheet 11
May 16
Solution 11
Sheet 12
May 23
Solution 12
Sheet 13
May 30
Solution 13

For comments/questions/corrections to the sheets and solutions please send an email here. You can hand in the solutions to the problem sheets either in the exercise classes or alternatively use the box of your assistant in the printer room HG J 68. There will be solutions to the problems posted some time after the due date.


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