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Before the first tutorial class you will receive a link where you can pick a tutorial group. Please note that one class will be held in German and that a class is reserved for CSE students.

The assignment sheets will be published on this page (usually) every Thursday. You should hand-in the exercise the Thursday after the publication date, in order to receive timely feedback on the Monday tutorials.

Hand in of the solutions is not mandatory, yet strongly recommended. Even if solution are partial or your codes do not work, you are strongly encouraged to submit your attempts in order to get a proper feedback.

Hand in your solution in the pigeon-holes in front of HG G 53/54 or (eventually) during the tutorials on Monday. Upload your codes and extra digital content using the online submission interface.

Clearly mark the problems for which you desire a feedback from the assistant.

If you own a personal laptop you should bring one during the tutorial classes.

Winter presence

A winter presence will be offered in the following dates:
- Thu., 21.1.2016
- Tue., 26.1.2016
- Thu., 28.1.2016
from 14:00 to 17:00 in the room HG E 41.

Dry-run examination

20.01.2016, 9:00-11:00, HG G1


Every Monday (starting the second week of the semester) a Zentralpräsenz will be offered from 18:00 to 20:00. Assistants will be available for questions in the room E 41. You are advised to bring your own laptops if you plan to ask programming related questions.

You should arrive as early as possible and before 19:00. If unused, the room will be closed after 19:00. All questions will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

You are strongly encouraged to exploit this opportunity.


Assistant Day and Room
David Gontier Mo 10-12, CLA E 4
Fabian Thüring Mo 10-12, LFW E 11
Marija Kranjčević Mo 10-12, LFW E 13
Daniel Hupp Mo 10-12, ML H 41.1
Francisco Romero Mo 10-12, ML J 34.1
Giovanni Alberti Mo 13-15, CLA E 4 (reserved for CSE students)
Alexander Bohn Mo 13-15, HG E 33.3 (in german)
Filippo Leonardi Mo 13-15, HG E 33.5
Stefan Beyeler Mo 13-15, HG G 26.5
Thomas Graf Mo 13-15, LEE D 105

Assignment sheets

Download entire collection of problem sheets with updated references here (updated on 14.02.2016), and with solutions (updated on 16.07.2016).

Extra files:
Extra solution files:
Problem Sheet 0
(v. 1.1 of 20.09.2015)
  Solutions Problem Sheet 0
(updated on 14.02.2016)
Data Discussed 21.09.2015, no hand-in
Problem Sheet 1
(v. 1.1 of 18.09.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 1
(updated on 16.07.2016)
Data 24.09.2015
Problem Sheet 2
(v. 1.0 of 24.09.2015)
  Solutions Problem Sheet 2 Data 01.10.2015
Problem Sheet 3
(v. 1.0 of 01.10.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 3 Data 08.10.2015
Problem Sheet 4
(v. 1.0 of 08.10.2015)
  Solutions Problem Sheet 4 Data (atan) 15.10.2015
Problem Sheet 5
(v. 1.1 of 23.10.2015)
  Solutions Problem Sheet 5 Data
(updated on 22.01.2016)
Problem Sheet 6
(v. 1.0 of 22.10.2015)
  Solutions Problem Sheet 6 Data 29.10.2015
Problem Sheet 7
(v. 1.1 of 12.11.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 7 Data 05.11.2015
Problem Sheet 8
(v. 1.1 of 12.11.2015)
  Solutions Problem Sheet 8 Data 12.11.2015
Problem Sheet 9
(v. 1.2 of 15.11.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 9
(updated on 14.02.2016)
Data 19.11.2015
Problem Sheet 10
(v. 1.0 of 19.11.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 10 Data 26.11.2015
Problem Sheet 11
(v. 1.0 of 26.11.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 11
(updated on 27.01.2016)
Data 03.12.2015
Problem Sheet 12
(v. 1.0 of 03.12.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 12 Data 10.12.2015
Problem Sheet 13
(v. 1.0 of 10.12.2015)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 13 Data No hand-in
Problem Sheet 14
(v. 1.0 of 22.01.2016)
Templates and data Solutions Problem Sheet 14
(updated on 14.02.2016)
Data No hand-in

If some template does not compile, try and download the files again. It may be that some file has been, in the mean time, updated.


C++ slides (code)

Midterm of 23.10.2015 (with solution): here.

Endterm of 18.12.2015 (with solution): here.


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