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Lecture notes

You can download the lecture notes here. These lecture notes will be constantly edited during the entire semester. If you spot mistakes, please report them using this wiki.

You can download the tablet notes from here.

The lecture will be recorded, you can get the recordings here.


Matlab R2015b for students is available at Stud-IDES for Mac/Windows/Linux. MATLAB is also installed in the computer rooms.

If you look for a free alternative for your own computer check out Octave. (Octave is built with MATLAB compatibility in mind. Notice, however, that Octave and MATLAB syntax and features may differ.)

In the following a MATLAB tutorial is provided. It is expected that you work through the instructions by yourself.

Matlab-Primer: HTML, PS, PS, PS 2 on 1 page


The linear algebra C++ template library Eigen3 will be used during the semester. Students should become familiar with this environment prior to the first tutorial, so that any basic question can be addressed during the first lecture. You gan get your header for Eigen (v. 3.2.5) here.

Eigen is a template library, therefore no installation is required.

Here you can find a getting started tutorial on Eigen (quick reference). Try and compile the demo program.

Assuming you are on Linux or Mac, you can conveniently try:

wget --no-check-certificate
tar xf 3.2.5.tar.bz2
wget --no-check-certificate
g++ eigen_demo.cpp -I./eigen-eigen-bdd17ee3b1b3/ -o eigen_demo

Most Linux distributions (including the ones in the computer rooms) come with Eigen3 available trough package managers, the library is usually located in /usr/include/eigen3:

 g++ eigen_demo.cpp -I/usr/include/eigen3 -o eigen_demo

If you use Windows: there are 4 principal ways to work with Eigen under Windows:
1) install Visual Studio and follow the steps here.
2) use Putty to SSH into the ETH computers.
3) use VirtualBox and some linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu) and work as if you were on linux.
4) install CygWin and use gcc as if you were on linux.

If you use Code::Blocks, you must add the Eigen path (the one conatining Eigen, cmake, ... folders) under:
Settings->Compiler->Global compiler settings->Search directories->Compiler->Add

Beware: during the examination only the Linux environment will be available, which includes editors such as vim, GEdit and Eclipse. You should try out this environment by yourself before the final exam.

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