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Numerical Analysis II

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Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Philipp Grohs

Coordinators: Wei Wu


For the first week:
Tuesday, 23.2.2016 08:15-09:00 in ML H 44
Friday, 26.2.2016 10:15-11:55 in HG G 5

From the second week:
Tuesday, 08:15-09:00 in ML H 44
Wednesday, 08:00-09:55 in HG G 3

Problem classes:

Details about the problem classes can be found here.


During summer break there're going to be several summer presence before exam. The exact dates and the programming language which you can ask questions about are as follows:

Weekday Date Programming Language
Wednesday Jul 6 Matlab
Thursday Jul 14 Matlab
Tuesday Jul 19 Matlab
Friday Jul 22 Matlab/Python
Monday Jul 25 Matlab
Wednesday Jul 27 Matlab
Thursday Jul 28 Matlab

Place: G 53.x.
Time: 10:30 - 12:00.

Please feel free to ask questions concerning class and programming problems.

Examination Papers:

There will be two short exams during semester called "Mid-term exam" and "End-term exam". Both will be worth 12 marks and consist of only routine problems. A student doesn't have to take part in these exams, but those who take part in and do well in these two exams can get bonus in final grade.
Suppose Student Z gets x points in Mid-term exam and y points in End-term exam, then student Z will get Max{(x+y-12)/2,0} points of bonus in the final grade.

The final exam will be a (computer-aided) written exam.

The Mid-term exam is planned at 12th, April (Tuesday) at the same time and place as regular class. It is a 30-min written exam with no programming problems. No materials are allowed to be brought in. The problems are small and basic, mainly focus on definition, application of important lemmas and theorems, and important examples. Light calculations may be needed. Please bring your student ID for possible check.

The End-term exam is planned at 25th, May (Wednesday) from 8.15 a.m. at the same place as regular class. All materials introduced after mid-term exam will be covered, including DAE and symplectic integration, which are only contained in handwritten notes. Earlier knowledge may be involved, but the problems concerning them won't be very specific, (for example, writing out the exact definition).

Question times:

Please feel free to raise questions to assistants during exercise classes.

The exam inspection will take place on Friday, Sep. 23 from 12:15-13:15 in HG G26.5. Please notice that taking pictures of exam paper or the master solution is no longer allowed.

Matlab links:



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