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Expander Graphs and Their Applications

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Professor Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Kowalski
Lecture Monday  15-17,  HG G 3
Coordinators Benny Löffel /

Jan Volec

Exercise classes
Wednesday  16-17,  HG E 33.3

First lecture: Wednesday 24.2.2016, during the exercise class. Note that there is no class on Monday 22.2.2016.

Lecture notes: here

Course Description

The course will present the basic theory and selected applications of expander graphs. It will first develop the general idea of expansion of graphs and the different formulations of expanding graphs. The existence of expanding graphs will then be established using both probabilistic and deterministic methods (including a discussion of the recent work on expansion of finite linear groups). Applications to number theory, geometry and theoretical computer science will be described.


Prerequisites: Complex analysis, measure and integral; some probability theory is useful but the main concepts needed will be recalled. Some knowledge of number theory is useful but the main results will be summarized.

Teaching Assistants

The exercise classes are held alternately by Jan Volec and Benny Löffel. Ask them if you have any questions regarding the exercises.


For students who plan to attend the exam, we strongly recommend to solve the exercises and to hand in their solutions.

First exercise session: 2.3.2016

Exercise Sheet Submission date Solution
sheet 1
solution 1
sheet 2
sheet 3 23.3.2016 solution 3
sheet 4
sheet 5 13.4.2016 solution 5
sheet 6 (fixed version!)
sheet 7 27.4.2016 solution 7
sheet 8
sheet 9 25.5.2016 solution 9
sheet 10



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