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Modular Forms

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Dozenten Prof. Dr. Özlem Imamoglu and
Prof. Dr. Richard Pink
Dirk Zeindler
Ort HG G19.2
Zeit Mi 15:15-17:00
Voraussetzungen Funktionentheorie I
Literatur Neal Kobiltz, Introduction to Elliptc Curves and Modular forms, Springer GTM 9

General Information

Solution of the X-mas exercices

Lecture Notes:

Group 1:

Mario Berta: The modular Group and the Fundametal Domain

Urs Fuchs: Different realizations of the upper half plane and the reduction of quadratic forms

Salvatore Bonaccorso: Modular Forms, Eisenstein Series and a short introduction to Elliptic Functions

Group 2:

Jonas Jermann: The valence formula and the space of modular froms

Sacha Schweizer: The j-function

Dirk Zeindler: Infinite product of the discriminent and q-Expansion of eta

Group 3:

Simon Schieder: See J.P. Serre "A course in arithmetic", Chapter VI

Andreas Steiger: Riemann's second proof of the analytic continuation of the Riemann Zeta function

Felix Rubin: The first proof ot the analytic continuation of the Riemann zeta function and the L-function

Group 4:
Andrea Peter: Bound for fourier coefficients and Diriclet Series

Christoph Rösch: Hecke's Converse Theorem

Alex Maier: Hecke Operators

Group 5:

Maria Hempel: Basis of simultaneous Hecke Eigenforms

Jörg Leis: The Poincare Series

Lukas Lewark: Theta Functions


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