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Lecturer Dr. Cornelia Busch Lecture Tue 8-10, HCI D4  
Assistant Claire Burrin Exercise class Fr 15-16, HG G26.5  

Lectures start on Tuesday, September 16

Exercises classes start on Friday, September 26

This lecture will present an overview of the following fundamentals of mathematics : linear algebra, calculus, multivariable calculus, differential equations, examples of partial differential equations.

Some supplementary references to the lecture notes, for both theory and exercises : Thomas' Calculus, Otto Bretscher's Linear Algebra with Applications.

Relevant information to the exam can be found here.

Syllabus and problem sets

Week Topic Exercise sheet Solutions
1 (Sep 16) Linear algebra : linear systems, Gauss elimination Ex 1
Sol 1
2 (Sep 23) Linear algebra : linear (in)dependance of vectors; matrix algebra Ex 2
Sol 2
3 (Sep 30) Linear algebra : inverses, introduction to bases
Calculus : review of derivation and integration rules
Ex 3
Sol 3
4 (Oct 7) Calculus : methods of integration, cont'd; parametrization of curves and computation of the arc length Ex 4
Sol 4
5 (Oct 14) Multivariable calculus : functions in several variables, level surfaces, partial derivatives ; vector fields, work along curves Ex 5
Sol 5
6 (Oct 21) Multivariable calculus : chain rule for partial derivatives
Linear algebra : determinants, change of bases
Ex 6
Sol 6
7 (Oct 28) Linear algebra : change of basis, cont'd; eigenvalues and eigenvectors Ex 7
Sol 7
8 (Nov 4) Multivariable calculus : finding extrema Ex 8
Sol 8
9 (Nov 14) Multivariable calculus : parametrizing surfaces Ex 9
Sol 9
10 (Nov 18)   Midterm on Friday !  
11 (Nov 25) Multivariable calculus : surface areas, surfaces integrals, flux across a surface Ex 10
Sol 10
12 (Dec 2) First order differential equations Ex 11
Sol 11
13 (Dec 9) Linear differential equations Ex 12
Sol 12
14 (Dec 16)      


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