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Bulletin of the belgian mathematical society - Simon Stevin  
Bulletin of the Belgian Mathematical Society


All the Expository and Research papers contained in Vol. 1(1994), Vol. 2(1995), Vol. 3(1996) and Vol. 4(1997) are available on line.
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Volume 1, Number 1 (1994)

Expository paper

A. Bultheel - M. Van Barel
Linear prediction: Mathematics and Engineering. PDF
Research papers
D. Boscq
Etudes asymptotiques de la densité associée à un filtre d'ordre infini. PDF
J. C. Ferrando - J. Ferrer - M. Lopez-Pellicer
Strong barrelledness properties in Lebesgue-Bochner spaces. PDF
G. Van Steen
A basis for the non-archimedean holomorphic theta functions. PDF
R. De Smedt
The Van Der Put Base for Cn- Functions. PDF
N. De Grande-De Kimpe - C. Perez-Garcia
Non-Archimedean GP-Spaces. PDF
T. H. Lenagan
Domains with linear growth. PDF
Book reviews
Volume 1, Number 2 (1994)
Journées montoises d'informatique théorique
Avant -propos

Liste des participants

J.-P. Allouche

Sur la complexité des suites infinies. PDF
J.-P. Allouche - M. Bousquet-Melou
Facteurs des suites de Rudin-shapiro généralisées. PDF
M. Anselmo - A. Bertoni
On 2PFA's and the Hadamard quotient of formal power series. PDF
J. Berstel - P. Seebold
Morphismes de Sturm. PDF
V. Bruyère - G. Hansel - C. Michaux - R. Villemaire
Logic and p-recognizable sets of integers. PDF
C. Hancart
Des bornes exactes de la complexité des algorithmes séquentiels de recherche d'un motif. PDF
J. Neraud
Equations in words: an algotithmic contribution. PDF
A. Potthof - S. Seibert - W. Thomas
Nondeterminism versus determinism of finite automata over directed acyclic graphs. PDF
Volume 1, Number 3 (1994)
A tribute to J. A. Thas
L. Bader - G. Lunardon - S. E. Payne
On q-clan geometry, q = 2e . PDF
R. D. Baker - J. M. N. Brown - J. C. Fisher
Projective bundeles. PDF
A. Beutelspacher - P. J. Cameron
Transfinite methods in geometry. PDF
A. Blokhuis
On multiple nuclei and a conjecture of Lunelli and Sce. PDF
F. Buekenhout - C. Huybrechts - A. Pasini
Parallelism in diagram geometry. PDF
F. De Clerck - H. Van Maldeghem
On flocks of infinite quadratic cones. PDF
J. W. P. Hirschfeld
On the history of generalized quadrangles. PDF
W. M. Kantor
Finite geometry for a generation. PDF
S. E. Payne
Collineations of the Subiaco generalized quadrangles. PDF
E. E. Shult
Geometric hypoerplanes of the half-spin geometries arise from embeddings. PDF
J. Tits
Moufang Polygons, I. Root data. PDF

Volume 1, Number 4 (1994)

Research papers

C. Van Steen
The reduction of a double covering of a Mumford curve. PDF
O. Yazourh
Estimation fonctionnelle dans les modèles de durée: Méthode des fonctions orthogonales. PDF
A. Gil - J. Martinez
Mutations in finite groups. PDF
M. Fiorentini - L. T. Hoa
Some remarks on generalized Cohen-Mac Aulay rings. PDF
C. Menini - C. Nastasescu
When are induction and conduction functors isomorphic? PDF
T. Hasanis - T. Vlachos
Quadric Representation and Clifford Minimal Hypersurfaces. PDF
Y. Tazawa
Construction of slant immersions II. PDF
Correction to V. Bruyère - G. Hansel - C. Michaux - R. Villemaire
Logic and p-recognizable sets of integers.
Book reviews
Volume 1, Number 5 (1994)
Research papers
P. F. Dhooghe
Grassmannian structures on manifolds curves. PDF
J. G. Torrecillas - B. Torrecillas
Stable Clifford Theory for Divisorially Graded Rings. PDF
F. Decruyenaere - F. Dillen - I. Mihai -  Verstraeten
Tensor products of spherical and equivariant immersions. PDF
J. B. Remmel - T. Whitehead
On the Kronecker Product of Schur Functions of Two Row Shapes. PDF
A. Verdoodt
The use of operators for the construction of normal bases for C(Vq-- K). PDF
R. W. Kieboom
An intrinsic characterization of the shape of paracompacta ... PDF
P. Hilton - J. Pedersen - J. Stigter
On partitions, surjections and Stirling numbers. PDF
Book reviews
Volume 2, Number 1 (1995)
Survey paper
A. Bultheel
Learning to swim in a sea of wavelets. PDF
Research papers
S. K. Acharyya - K. C. Chattopadhyay - G. G. Ray
Hemirings, Congruences and the Hewitt Realcompactification. PDF
C. Calderon - M. J. Zarate
Generalized divisor problems. PDF
C. Galindo
On the Poincaré serires for a plane divisorial valuation. PDF
B.-Y. Chen - S. Jiang
Inequalities between volumes, center of mass, circumscribed radius, order and mean curvature. PDF
S. Lehman
A characterization of the Grassmanian of points and lines for C3,2   -buildings. PDF
T. Bisztriczky - J. W. Lorimer
Subspace operations in affine Klingenberg spaces. PDF
Book reviews
Volume 2, Number 2 (1995)
Research papers
J. B. Gatsinzi
LS-category of classifying spaces. PDF
F. Michel
Fleuves oscillants. PDF
S. Yamashita
La continuité de Lipschitz des solutions de l'équation de Liouville. PDF
J. B. Wilker
Further thoughts on a focusing property of the ellipse. PDF
C. Suquet
Distances euclidiennes sur les mesures signées et applications à des théorèmes de Berry-Esseéen. PDF
P. Masson
Description explicite d'une famille de groupes de Kac-Moody affines. PDF
S. E. Payne - T. Penttila - I. Pinneri
Isomorphisms between Subiaco q-Clan Geometries. PDF
J. C. Ferrando
Unordered Baire-like vector-valued function spaces. PDF
Book reviews
Volume 2, Number 3 (1995)
B. Diarra
Remarques sur les k((X))-algèbres de Banach. PDF
B. N. Cooperstein
A note on Tensor Products of Polar Spaces over Finite Fields. PDF
A. Solian - T. M. Viswanathan
Adjoints, Multi-adjoints, Pluri-adjoints. PDF
V. Chloup
Bialgebra structures on a real semisimple Lie algebra. PDF
X. Feng
On a generalized nonlinear equation of Schrödinger type. PDF
P. Hilton - B. Love - J. Pedersen
On exceptional systems of random integers. PDF
P. Mammone - R. Moresi
Formes quadratiques, algèbres à division et extensions multiquadratiques inséparables. PDF
A. Leroy
Pseudo linear transformations and evaluations in Ore expensions. PDF
P. Rukimbira
Topology and closed characterizations of K-contact manifolds. PDF
Volume 2, Number 4 (1995)
Research papers
H. Kalf
On the Expansion of a Function in terms of Spherical Harmonics. PDF
W. R. Pestman
Measurability of linear operators in the Skorokhod topology. PDF
C. Nastasescu - F. Van Oystaeyen - Z. Borong
Smash Products for G-sets, Clifford Theory and Duality Theorems. PDF
H. Schoutens
Blowing up in Rigid Analytic Geometry. PDF
Y. Hiramine - N. L. Johnson
Regular partial conical flocks. PDF
C. Pierre
Endomorphism from Galois antiautomorphism. PDF
G. Mukherjee
Equivariant Homotopy Epimorphisms, Homotopy Monomorphisms and Homotopy Equivalences. PDF
B. M. Benchekroun - A. Benkirane
Sur l'algèbre d'Orlicz-Sobolev. PDF
Book reviews
Volume 2, Number 5 (1995)
Research papers
D. Buset
Locally Cn graphs. PDF
N. L. Johnson
The classification of subplane covered nets. PDF
D. V. Pasech Nik
Extensions of GQ (3,3). PDF
R. W. Van Der Waall - C. H. W. M. De Nijs
On the embedding of a finite group as Frattini subgroup. PDF
V. V. Kisil
Integral Representations and Coherent States. PDF
T. M. Elnadi - A. Hoogewijs
Karnak an automated theorem prover for PPC*. PDF
A. G. Van Asch - F. Van Der Blij
Measurements of curvilineal angles. PDF
Book reviews.
Supplement to Volume 2 (November 1995)
Bifurcation into Spectral Gaps
Charles A. Stuart

Supplement to Volume 2 (December 1995)
Selected Works of Guy Hirsch

Guy Hirsch: List of mathematical works

A propos d'un théorème de Hopf sur les représentations des variétés.

Un isomorphisme attaché aux structures fibrées.

Sur les groupes d'homologie des espaces fibrés.

Sur le troisième groupe d'homotopie des polyèdres simplement connexes.

l'anneau de cohomologie d'un espace fibré et les classes caractéristiques.

Sur la structure multiplicative de l'anneau de cohomologie d'un espace fibré.

La structure homologique des espaces fibrés et leur classification.

Quelques relations entre l'homologie dans les espaces fibrés et les classes caractéristiques relatives à un groupe de structure.

Homology invariants and fibre bundles.

Sur des invariants attachés aux sections dans les espaces fibrés.

Sur les groupes d'homologie des espaces fibrés.

Quelques propriétés des produits de Steenrod.

L'anneau de cohomologie d'un espace fibré en sphères.

Certaines opérations homologiques et la cohomologie des espaces fibrés.

Sur la définition d'opérations cohomologiques d'ordre supérieur au moyen d'une suite spectrale.

Homologie des espaces fibrés et groupes d'homotopie de SU(n).

A remark on secondary cohomology operations.

Volume 3, Number 1 (1996)

Research papers
A. Branquinho
A Note on Semi-classical Orthogonal Polynomials. PDF
M. Akkar - A. Beddaa - M. Oudadess
Sur une classe d'alèbres topologiques. PDF
A. Pasini
Gluing two affine spaces. PDF
E. N. Ngimbi
Canonical embedding of function spaces into the topological bidual of C(K;E). PDF
C. Zanella
Universal Properties of the Corrado Segre Embedding. PDF
M. Harel - B. Ragbi
Convergence faible de la U-statistique empirique corrigée en condition de mélange. PDF
C. V. Martin
Relative normalizing extensions. PDF
S. G. Barwick
A class of Buekenhout unitals in the Hall plane. PDF
F. Van Ostaeyen - Y. H. Zhang
Emdomorphism Rings of H-comodule Algebras. PDF
Book reviews

Volume 3, Number 2 (1996)

Research papers
A. Bouziani - N. Benouar
Problème mixte avec conditions intégrales pour une classe d'équations hyperboliques. PDF
H. Gottschalk
Rank three geometries associated with PSL(3,4). PDF
H.-J. Baues - A. Quintero
On the locally finite chain algebra of a proper homotopy type. PDF
C. M. O'Keefe - J. A. Thas
Collineations of Subiaco and Cherowitzo hyperovals. PDF
Li Haizhong
The Ricci curvature of totally real 3-dimensional submanifolds of the nearly Kaehler 6-sphere. PDF
P. A. Grillet
On the fundamental double four-spiral semigroup. PDF
R. Balasubramanian - S. Ponnusamy
An alternate proof of Hall's theorem on conformal mapping inequality. PDF
A. Ouassarah - A. Hajjaj
Existence of solutions for quasilinear elliptic boundary value problems in unbounded domains. PDF
N. De Grande-De Kimpe - A. Yu. Khrennikov
The non-Archimedian Laplace transform. PDF
D. Miklaszewski
An equation z' = z2 + p(t)   with no 2\pi-periodic solutions. PDF
J.-B. Gatsinzi
LS-category of classifying spaces, II. PDF
Book reviews

Volume 3, Number 3 (1996)

Research papers
A. L. Maestripieri - M. C. Mariani
Prescribed mean curvature equation for a surface with Dirichlet condition. PDF
S. Okoda - W. J. Ricker
Spectral measures and automatic continuity. PDF
D. W. Lewis
Scaled trace forms of central simple algebras. PDF
W. Stadje
On two combination rules for 0-1 sequences. PDF
R. Kaye
The quantifier complexity of NF. PDF
V. Jha - N. L. Johnson
Quasifibrations. PDF
S. Samir Mahmoud
A structure sheaf on the projective spectrum of a graded fully bounded noetherian ring. PDF
A. K. Ben-Naoum
On the Dirichlet problem for the nonlinear wave eqution. PDF
Z. Zahreddine
On the \Gamma-stability of systems of differential equations in the Routh-Hurwitz and Schur-Cohn cases. PDF
Book reviews

Volume 3, Number 4 (1996)

Research papers
A. Mazouz
Analyse p-adique et nombres de Bell à deux variables. PDF
P. Abramenko
Group actiions on twin buildings. PDF
W. R. Pestman
A quick and simple proof of Sherman's theorem on order in C*-algebras. PDF
J.-P. Grenier
Complétion d'une classe de demi-treillis topologiques, applications. PDF
C. C. Grosjean
Solving some problems of advanced analytical nature posed in the SIAM-review. PDF
A. Gertsch - A. M. Robert
Some congruences concerning the Bell numbers. PDF
A. Steinbach
Classical polar spaces (sub-)weakly embedded in projective spaces. PDF
Book reviews

Volume 3, Number 5 (1996)

Research papers
K. Dekimpe
A note on the torsion elements in the centralizer of a finite index subgroup. PDF
T. Shibata
Spectral asymptotics and bifurcation for nonlinear multiparameter elliptic eigenvalue problems. PDF
M. Cahen - V. De Smedt
Parameter-dependent solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter equation on sl(n,C). PDF
M. Akkar - H. Arroub
Calcul fonctionnel harmonique dans une algebre de Banach involutive quotient. PDF
D. Bosq
Limit theorems for Banach-valued autoregressive processes. Applications to real continuous time processes. PDF
S. Bernstein
On the left linear Riemann problem in Clifford analysis. PDF
H. L. Liu
Classification of Surfaces in R3 which are centroaffine-minimal and equiaffine-minimal. PDF
A. J. Szczepanski
Outer automorphism groups of Bieberbach Groups. PDF
M. Akkar - H. Arroub
Applications du calcul fonctionnel harmonique dans une algebre de Banach involutive quotient. PDF
J. S. Kang - S. Owa - H. M. Srivastava
Quasi-convolution properties of certain subclasses of analytic functions. PDF
Book reviews
Supplement to Volume 3 (July 1996)
Non Standard Analysis
J. Mawhin
Introduction. PDF
A. Pétry
Balade en Analyse non standard sur les traces de A. Robinson. PDF
V. Gautheron - E. Isambert
Lire l'analyse Non Standard. PDF
A. Fruchard
La falaise d'un polynôme de Taylor. PDF
E. Benoit
Asymptotic expansions of canards with poles. Application to the stationary unidimensional Schrödinger equation. PDF
M. Bauer
Fonctions e-régulières. PDF
Book reviews
Supplement to volume 3 (December 1996)
Numerical Analysis
A numerical analysis conference in honour of
Jean Meinguet
G. H. Golub
Matrix Computation and the Theory of Moments. PDF
H. Stahl
Convergence of Rational Interpolants. PDF
C. Brezinski
Variations on Richardson's method and acceleration. PDF
C. Brezinski
André Louis Cholesky. PDF
A. Cuyt - D. Lubinsky
On the convergence of multivariate Padé approximants. PDF
W. Gander - G. H. Golub - R. Strebel
Least-Squares Fitting of Circles and Ellipses. PDF
W. Van Assche
Entropy of Hermite polynomials with application to the harmonic oscillator. PDF

Volume 4, Number 1 (1997)

J.-P. Allouche - V. Berthe
Triangle de Pascal, complexité et automates. PDF
M. Anselmo - C. De Felice - A. Restivo
On some factorization problems. PDF
J.-M. Boe
Une formulation alternative de la conjecture de factorisation des codes. PDF
H. Calbrix
La théorie monadique du second ordre du monoïde inversif libre. PDF
J. Cassaigne
Complexité et facteurs spéciaux. PDF
M. Latteux - D. Robilliard - D. Simplot
Figures composées de pixels et monoïde inversif. PDF
K. Meer - C. Michaux
A survey on real structural complexity theory. PDF
J.-C. Raoult
Rational tree relations. PDF
D. Ziadi - J.-L. Ponty - J.-M. Champarnaud
Passage d'une expression rationnelle à un automate fini non-déterministe. PDF

Volume 4, Number 2 (1997)

Expository paper
S. Berceanu
On the geometry of a complex Grassmann manifold,  its noncompact dual and coherent states. PDF
Research papers
E. Draghici
About an integral operator preserving meromorphic starlike functions. PDF
G. M. L. Powell
Elliptic spaces with the rational homotopy type of spheres. PDF
M. Golasinski - D. L. Goncalves
Equivariant weak n-equivalences. PDF
B. Ndombol
L'invariant Acat des algèbres quasi-commutatives. PDF
C. Radoux
Nombres de Catalan généralisés. PDF
C. Debiève
Measures with finite semi-variation. PDF
E. Shult
On Veldkamp Lines. PDF

Volume 4, Number 3 (1997)

Research papers
A. R. El Amrouss - M. Moussaoui
Non-résonance entre les deux premières valeurs d'un problème quasi-linéaire. PDF
H. Scheerer - D. Tanre
Fibrations à la Ganea. PDF
D. D. Ang  - K. Schmitt - L. K. Vy
A multidimensional analogue of the Denjoy-Perron-Henstock-Kurzweil integral. PDF
J. C. Alvarez Paiva
Total Mean Curvature and Closed Geodesics. PDF
R. B. Gardner - G. R. Wilkens
The Fundamental Theorems of Curves and Hypersurfaces in Centro-affine Geometry. PDF
J. Colpaert - E. Omey
A Note on two inventory models. PDF
S. Nicaise
Regularity of the solutions on elliptic systems in polyhedral domains. PDF
Book reviews

Volume 4, Number 4 (1997)

Research papers
E. Ballico - M. Coppens
Very ample bundles on blown-up projective varieties. PDF
R. A. Kortram
The extreme points of a class of functions with positive real part. PDF
A. R. El Amrouss - M. Moussaoui
Solvabilité d'un problème aux limites semi-linéaire autour de la première valeur propre. PDF
J. Ueberberg
Frobenius Collineations in Finite Projective Planes. PDF
H. Liu - C. Wang
Centroaffine Surfaces with parallel traceless Cubic Form. PDF
C. Macci
On prior distributions which give rise to a dominated Bayesian experiment. PDF
R. K. Raina - R. K. Ladha
A note on certain classes of transformation formulas involving several variables. PDF
X. Feng
Well-posed Solutions of the Third Order Benjamin-Ono Equation in Weighted Sobolev Spaces. PDF
G. Van Steen
The p-adic Finite Fourier Transform and Theta functions. PDF
Book Reviews

Volume 4, Number 5 (1997)

Expository paper
A. Verschoren - L. Willaert
Noncommutative Algebraic Geometry: from pi-algebras to quantum groups. PDF
Research papers
C. Swartz
Beppo Levi's Theorem for the Vector-Valued McShane Integral and Applications. PDF
G. Muraz
Multiplicateurs compacts. PDF
H. Hogbe Nlend
On quasi-invariant measures in topological vector spaces. PDF
M. C. Mariani - D. F. Rial
Solutions to the mean curvature equation by fixed point methods. PDF
V. Balek - I. Mizera
The closeness of the range of a probability on a certain system of random events - an elementary proof. PDF
B. Polster - A. E. Schroth
Split Semi-Biplanes in Antiregular Generalized Quadrangles. PDF
J. Bair - G. Haesbroeck
Monotonous stability for neutral fixed points. PDF
S. Caenepeel - S. Dascalescu - G. Militaru - F. Panaite
Coalgebra deformations of bialgebras by Harrison cocycles, copairings of Hopf algebras and double crossproducts. PDF
Ivko Dimitric
1-Type Submanifolds on Non-Euclidean, Complex Space forms. PDF
A. El Kinani - M. Oudadess
Entire functions and m-convex structure in commutative Baire algebras. PDF
T. Meixner
Extending the dual of the Petersen graph. PDF
Book reviews

Volume 5, Number 1 (1998)

Research papers
F. Van Oystaeyen - Y. Zhang
Finite Dimensional Hopf Algebras coacting on Coalgebras.
J.-P. Doeraene
Homotopy pullbacks, homotopy pushouts and joins.
H. Leszczynski
Convergence of difference analogues to the Darboux problem with functional dependence.
O. Kowalski - Z. Vlásek
Classification of Riemannian 3-manifolds with distinct constant Ricci curvatures.
H. Van Hove - A. Verschoren
What is "epistasis"?.
A. Escassut - N. Mainetti
Spectral semi-norm of a p-adic Banach alghebra.
M. Mauer
Domains of analytic existence in inductive limits of real separable normed spaces.
K. K. Nwabueze
Some Applications of the Burnside Rings and Gost Rings in the Representation theory of finite Groups.
B. Polster - A. E. Schroth
Split Semi-Biplanes in Antiregular Generalized Quadrangles. Errata
Book reviews
Volume 5, Number 2 and Number 3 (1998)
Proceedings of
Finite Geometry and Combinatorics
Deinze, 18-24 May 1997
L. Bader - C. M. O'Keefe
Arcs and ovals in infinite K-clan Geometry
A. Blockhuis - C. M. O'Keefe - S. E. Payne - L. Storme - H. Wilbrink
Covers of PG(3, q) and of finite generalized quadrangles
A. Blokhuis - Peter Sziklai
A note on small complete caps in the Klein quadric
L. Brouns - H. Van Maldeghem
Characterizations for classical finite hexagons
A. E. Brouwer
Linear spaces of quadrics and new good codes
J. Brown
A remark on a construction of Grundhöfer
M. Brown
Semipartial geometries and generalized quadrangles of order (r, r2)
A. Bruen - K. Drudge
Large minimal covers of PG(3, q)
F. Buekenhout - P. Cara
Some propoerties of inductively minimal geometries
M. Buratti - F Zuanni
G-invariantly resolvable Steiner 2-designs wich are 1-rotational over G
L. R. A. Casse - G. Lunardon
On Buekenhout-Metz unitals
B. Cherowitzo
Monomial flocks of monomial cones in even characteristic
F. De Clerck
New partial geometries from old ones
J. Eisfeld
Subsets of associated schemes corresponding to eigenvectors of the Bose-Mesner algebra
D. Glynn
Plane representations of ovoids
N. A. Gordon - G. Lunardon - R. Shaw
Linear sections of GL(4, 2)
J. W. P. Hirschfeld - G. Korchmaros
On the number of rational points on an algebraic curve over a finite field
C. Huybrechts - A. Pasini
Flag-transitive extensions of dual projective spaces
L. Kramer
Octonion hermitian quadrangles
A. Kreuzer
Projective embedding of projective spaces
D. Leemans
Thin geometries for the Suzuki simple group Sz(8)
K. Metsch
The sets closest to ovoids in Q-(2n+1, q)
B. Muehlherr - H. Van Maldeghem
On certain twin buildings over tree diagrams
G. P. Nagy
Group invariants of certain Burn loop classes
B. Polster
Pretty pictures of geometries
H. Shen - MI. Wang
Existence of labeled resolvable block designs
E. Spence
All 2 - (21, 7, 3) designs are residual
A. Steinbach
Generalized quadrangles with a thick hyperbolic line weakly embedded in projective space
J. A. Thas
Some new classes of extended generalized quadrangles of order (q+1, q-1)
H. Van Maldeghem
On the dimensions of the root groups of full subquadrangles of Moufang quadrangles arising from algebraic groups
Zhe-Xian Wan
A characteristic property of self-orthogonal codes and its application to lattices
Volume 5, Number 4 (1998)
Research papers
M. Feckan
Differential Inclusions at Resonance
M. R. Laydi
Convergence d'algorithme itératif : une méthode nodale totalement explicite pour les problèmes de diffusion
P. Borde
Strongly near-standard functions in Lebesgue's spaces
H.-R. Fanaï
Spectre marqué des longueurs et métriques conformément équivalentes
P. Sleewagen
A partition of the Euclidian plane R2 into k pairwise isometric connected subsets
B. N. Cooperstein
Generating Long Root Subgroup Geometries of Classical Groups over Finite Prime Fields
P. Baird - J. C. Wood
Harmonic morphisms, conformal foliations and shear-free ray congruences
E. Fieux - A. Solotar
Une suite spectrale pour les groupes d'homotopie des espaces d'applications équivariantes.
A. Guesmia
Existence globale et stabilisation  interne non linéaire d'un système de Petrovsky
Book reviews
Volume 5, Number 5 (1998)
Survey paper
A. Bultheel - K. Müller
On several aspects of J-inner functions in Schur analysis.
Research papers
C. Macci
The "statistical experiment" -equivalence for prior distributions.
M. Boulagouaz
Une généralisation du lemme de Hensel.
M. Aassila
Comportement asymptotique des solutions d'un système conservatif associé à une équation non linéaire singulière de Schrödinger.
G. M. Deheri
On strong basis.
M. Bonneu - M. Gba
Estimation semi-paramétrique de Quasi-Score.
V. Vâjâitu
Invariance of q-completeness with corners under finite holomorphic surjections.
Book reviews
Supplement to Volume 5 (1998)
F. Buekenhout - Ph. Cara - M. Dehon
Geometries of small almost simple groups based on maximal subgroups.
Volume 6, Number 1 (1999)
Survey paper
R. Van Keer - L. Dupré
Finite element methods for nonlinear elliptic and parabolic problems with memory properties
Research papers
B. Krauskopf - H. Kriete
Hausdorff Convergence of Julia Sets.
G. Lenzi
A nontrivial model of Weydert's SF3 minus the Leibniz rules.
P. Schauenburg
Examples of equivalences of Doi-Koppinen Hopf module categories, including Yetter-Drinfeld modules.
D. P. Pombo
Bilinear mappings on topological modules.
L. Oubbi
On different types of algebras contained in CV(X).
M. Benayed
Quantification géométrique et méthode des orbites.
L. Nassirou
Etude du niveau de certains corps.
B. Naudts - A. Verschoren
Epistasis and Deceptivity.
Book reviews
Volume 6, Number 2 (1999)
Research papers
M. Delecroix - M. Hristache
M-estimateurs semi-paramétriques dans les modèles à direction révélatrice unique .
V. Jha - N. L. Johnson
Conical, ruled and deficiency one translation planes.
C. Popescu
On UHL and HUL.
R. Riesinger
Extending the Thas-Walker construction.
Y. Edel - J. Bierbrauer
Recursive constructions for large caps.
F. Panaite
Equivalence of Crossed Coproducts.
P. Van Lancker
Approximation Theorems for spherical monogenics of complex degree.
S. B. Smith
Rational L. S. Category of Function Space Components for Fo-Spaces.
A. Kacha
Fractions continues p-adiques et indépendance algébrique.
Book reviews
Volume 6, Number 3 (1999)
Research papers
M. Harel - B. Ragbi
Comportement asymptotique de la fonction de répartition empirique perturbée multivariée à variables dépendantes.
A. Gasull - J. Torregrosa
Euler-Jacobi formula for double points and applications to quadratic and cubic systems.
H. Boche
Untersuchungen zur abgeschnittenen Hilbert-Transformation von BMO-Functionen und VMO-Functionen.
E. Gamero - E. Freire - A. J. Rodriguez-Luis - E. Ponce - A. Algaba
Hypernormal Form Calculation for Triple-Zero Degeneracies.
M. A. Teixeira
Codimension two singulaqrities of sliding vector fields.
O. H. Cheikh - A. El Kinani - M. Oudadess
Critères de Le Page et commutativité dans les algèbres m-convexes.
A. Peris
Transitivity, dense orbit and discontinuous functions.
C. Holton - L. Q. Zamboni
Substitutions, Partial Isometries of R, and Actions on Trees.
D. Jungnickel
On Small Congruence Covers.
M. El Hodaibi
Application du Calcul Fonctionnel à l'algèbre S(Rn).
B. Baumeister
On flag transitive c.c*-geometries,admitting a duality.
P. Frosini - M. Mulazzani
Size homotopy groups for computation of natural size distances.
M. Alimohammady
Weak convergence in spaces of measures and operators.
Book reviews
Volume 6, Number 4 (1999)
Research papers
G. Richomme
Test-words for Sturmian morphisms.
M. Guedda - M. Kirane
A note on nonexistence of global solutions to a nonlinear integral equation.
Y. Rami
Sur la conjecture de l'omnibus.
A. Valibouze
Etude des relations algébriques entre les racines d'un polynôme d'une variable.
J.-P. Tignol
Pfaffiens et Déterminant de E. H. Moore.
N. Durante - V. Napolitano - D. Olanda
Finite partially {0,2}-semiaffine linear spaces.
H. Pralle - J. Ueberberg
Linear Geometries of Baer subspaces.
A. Pasini - S. Shpectorov
Flag-transitive hyperplane complements in classical generalized quadrangles.
A. Blunck
Regular Spreads and Chain Geometries.
L. Vandembroucq
Sur le transfer de Becker et Gottlieb.
B. P. Hilton - J. Pedersen
Two Recurrence Relations for Stirling Factors.
L. Vuillon
Local configurations in a discrete plane.
Book reviews
Volume 7, Number 1 (2000)

Research papers

E. Azroul - A. Benkirane - M. Tienari
On the regularity of solutions to the Poisson equation in Orlicz-spaces.
A. Cossidente
Caps embedded in the Klein quadric.
L. Horanskà - J. Korbas
On cup products in some manifolds.
P. Biondi
A common characterization of ovoids, non-singular quadrics abd non-singular Hermitian varieties in PG(d,n).
R. P. Agarwal - D. O'Regan
Second and higher order boundary value problems of nonsingular type.
I. B. Risteski
Generalized reduction of the Poincaré differential equation to Cauchy matrix form.
N. Knarr
Derivable affine planes and translation planes.
T. K. Boni
On quenching of solutions for some semilinear parabolic equations of second order.
A. Ferfera - M. A. Hammami
Sur la stabilisation des systèmes non linéaires en cascade.
Y. Ben Cheikh - K. Douak
On the Classical  d-Orthogonal Polynomials Defined by Certain Generating Functions, I.
H. Furuhata
Minimal Centroaffine Immersions of Codimension Two.
C. Beguin - T. Ceccherini-Silberstein
Formes faibles de moyennabilité pour les groupes à un relateur.

Book Reviews.

Volume 7, Number 2 (2000)

Research papers

H. Nishimura
Another curvature in synthetic differential geometry.
S. G. Barwick - L. R. A. Casse - C. T. Quinn
The André/Bruck and Bose representation PG(2h,q): unitals and Baer subplanes.
J. Knobloch
Reduction of Hopf bifurcation problems with symmetries.
A. Dutrifoy
Construction d'une fonction f continue de [0, 1] dans certains espaces de Banach et non mesurable de [0, 1] dans un autre, de topologie légèrement plus forte .
P. Amster - M. C. Mariani
Resolution of Semilinear Equations by Fixed Point Methods.
M. R. Hilali
Sur la conjecture de Halperin relative au rang torique.
A. Loi
The function epsilon for complex Tori and Riemann surfaces.
N. Hamilton - C. T. Quinn
m-systems of Polar spaces and Maximal Arcs in Projective Planes.
C. Schmidt-Laine - T. K. Edarh-Bossou
Contribution to the modelling of the hump effect by the study of an equation of Hamilton-Jacobi type.
F. Panaite - F. Van Oystaeyen
Existence of integrals for finite dimensional quasi-Hopf algebras.
H. Zoladek
Asymptotic properties of Abelian integrals arising in quadratic systems.
A. El Kinani - M. Chaboun - M. Oudadess
Algèbres A-p- normées advertiblement complètes.
A. El Kinani - M. Oudadess
m-convex properties in locally convex algebras.
C. P. Gupta - S. I. Trofimchuk
An Interesting Example for a Three-Point Boundary Value Problem.
N. Bedjaoui-Tebbal
Contractions d'algèbres de Lie et torsion de Nijenhuis.
M. Buratti - F. Zuanni
Addendum to: "G-invariantly resolvable Steiner 2-designs which are l-rotational over G" .

Book Reviews.

Volume 7, Number 3 (2000)

Research papers

A. Klein
Exterior sets of hyperbolic quadrics.
A. Aguglia - G. Korchmaros
On algebraic curves over a finite field with many rational points.
A. Cossidente - O. H. King
Transitive and Co-Transitive caps.
E. J. Vanderperre
Long-run availability of two-unit standby system subjected to a priority rule.
G. Silberberg
Finite p-groups with few normal subgroups.
J. Kedra
KS-models and symplectic structures on total spaces of bundles.
E. Ballico - A. Cossidente
Curves of the Projective 3-space, Tangent Developables and Partial Speads.
Y. Hiramine - V. Jha - N. L. Johnson
Characterization of translation planes by orbit lengths ii. even order.
T. S. Neelon
On Solutions to Formal Equations .
A. Nasr-Isfahani
Factorization in some ideals of Lau algebras with applications to semigroup algebras.
P. Amster -M. M. Cassinelli - M. C. Mariani
Solutions to quasilinear equations by an iterative method.
O. Oniciuc
Pseudo-Riemannian metrics on tangent bundle and harmonic problems.
H. Liu - G. Liu
Hyperbolic Rotation Surfaces of Constant Mean Curvature in 3-de Sitter Space.
M. Laayouni
Unicité de la topologie de Jordan-Fréchet.

Book Reviews.

Volume 7, Number 4 (2000)

Research papers

E. Lami Dozo - B. Toukourou
Weighted eigenfunctions and Gauss curvature of conical revolution surfaces.
P. Amster - M. C. Mariani - D. F. Rial
Solutions of H-systems using the Green function.
B. De Bruyn
On the number of non isomorphic glued near hexagons.
B. Amir
Etude par la théorie d'extrapolation des équations différentielles à retard en dimension infinie à opérateurs de domaines non denses .
M. Aassila - M. M. Cavalcanti
On nonlinear hyperbolic problems with nonlinear boundary feedback.
L. Fernàndez-Suàrez
A cancellation theorem for 2-cones.
M. Bartkiewicz
On the continuous dependence on parameters of solutions of the second order periodic problem.
P. Rukimbira
Spherical rigidity via contact dynamics.
V. F. Sirvent
The common dynamics of the tribonacci substitutions .
C. Lefevre-Percsy - N. Percsy - D. Leemans
New geometries for finite groups and polytopes.
J.-B. Gatsinzi
A fibration with a section and of infinite genus.
N. Benkirane
Régularité globale et estimation a priori pour des opérateurs elliptiques sur des espaces de Sobolev à poids .
S. Shelah - O. Kolman
Infinitary axiomatizability of slender and cotorsion-free groups.
M. Mauer
Domains of R-analytic existence in inductive limits of real separable Banach spaces.

Book Reviews.

Volume 8, Number 1 (2001)

Research papers

F. Simoncini
Une note sur l'application d'évaluation en homotopie rationnelle.
N. J. Daras
On complex extrapolated successive overrelaxation (esor): some theoretical results.
G. I. Amunategui
A note on the irreducible characters of the Hecke algebra Hn(q) .
R. Tojeiro
Lagrangian submanifolds of constant sectional curvature and their Ribaucour transformation.
K. J. Wirths - J. Xiao
Recognizing Qp Functions per Dirichlet Space Structure.
J. Berndt - E. Samiou
On infinitesimally k-Flat Homogeneous Spaces.
R. Choukri - A. El Kinani - M. Oudadess
Fonctions entières et m-convexité.
P. J. Paul
The space of Denjoy-Dunford integrable functions is ultrabornological.
P. Kemp
A Nonmeasurable Partition of the Reals.
E. Ballico - A. Cossidente
Osculating subspaces, normal rational curves and generalized strange curves.
P. Sziklai
A lemma on the randomness of d-th powers in GF(q),d|q-1.
Z. Abdelali - M. Chidami
Une réduction du problème de la continuité des caractères dans les algèbres m-pseudo-convexes.
M. Laayouni
La réponse affirmative au problème de Michael.
W. Sliwa
On the stability of orthogonal bases in non-archimedean metrizable locally convex spaces.
J. Korbas
On fibrations with Grassmannian fibers.
M. Lezaun - J. I. Maeztu
Spectrum of a particular bounded self-adjoint linear operator.
N. Poncin
Premiers Espaces de la Cohomologie de l'Algèbre de Lie graduée de Nijenhuis-Richardson de l'Espace des Fonctions d'une Variété .
P. Rukimbira
Correction to Spherical rigidity via Contact dynamics.

Book Reviews.

Volume 8, Number 2 (2001)

Research papers

Exemples de suites de complexit\'e inf\'erieure \`a $2n$.
Pisot Substitutions and Rauzy fractals
Autour du syst\`eme de num\'eration d'Ostrowski
Image par homographie de mots de Christoffel
Some generalizations of periodic words
Proof of a conjecture on word complexity
On the expressibility of languages by word equations with a bounded number of variables
Linear Complexity Words and Surface Laminations
Recent results on the semilinear formal power series
Digit Set Conversion by On-Line Finite Automata
Alternating Tree Automata, Parity Games, and Modal $\mu$-Calculus

Book Reviews.

Volume 8, Number 3 (2001)

Research papers

Nombre de singularités de la fonction croissance en dimension 2.
Lusternik-Schnirelmann category of classifying spaces.
Bases for existence varieties of strict regular semigroups.
The fundamental class of a rational space, the graph coloring problem and other classical decision problems.
Solutions to equations of $p$-Laplacian type in Lorentz spaces.
On dual Euler-Simpson formulae.
Retracting spreads.
Propriété d'holomorphie et représentation intégrale de certains champs de Whitney.

Book Reviews.

Volume 8, Number 4 (2001)

Research papers

Existence de solutions pour un problème biharmonique non homogène avec exposant critique de Sobolev.
Caractères continus dans les algèbres à poids.
An operator representation for weighted inductive limits of spaces of vector valued holomorphic functions.
On the Classical $d$-Orthogonal Polynomials Defined by Certain Generating Functions, II.
Existence globale et décroissance polynomiale de l'énergie des solutions des équations de Kirchhoff-Carrier moyennement dégénérées avec des termes non-linéaires dissipatifs.
Periodic solutions for certain systems of planar complex polynomial equations.
Synthetic Differential Geometry of Jet Bundles.
Multary epistasis.
Invariant subspace for a singular integral operator on Ahlfors David surfaces.
Calcul harmonique dans les algèbres $p$-Banach involutives et applications.
Convexity and polynomial equations in Banach spaces with the Radon-Nikodym property.

Book Reviews.

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